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  • Packed courtroom for Manhattan man accused of fishing without a license
  • By Beth Saboe
  • 25/11/2013 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: BigJoe ( 18 articles in 2013 )
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MANHATTAN - It was a packed courtroom on Tuesday for the hearing of Ernie Tertelgte, a Manhattan man who says he's being wrongly prosecuted for trying to feed himself.

Tertelgte, 52 years old, was arrested on Monday and is accused of fishing without a license and then resisting arrest.

He appeared before the judge via video from the Gallatin County Detention Center, and it was standing room only more than a dozen friends and family members filled the small courtroom.

Tertelgte appeared subdued and respectful before the Justice of the Peace during Tuesday's court session, which went very differently than his court appearance earlier this month, where Tertelgte and Three Forks City Judge Wanda Drusch got into a heated exchange.

Terteltge argued that the court did not have the authority to charge him, citing "natural law."

He told the judge, "You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action." He continued, "I am the living man, protected by natural law."

He then yelled, "Do not tell me to shut up! I am the living, natural man, and my voice will be heard!"

Terteltge then pointed at the flag and said, "That is the Jolly Roger, that thing you call the American flag with the golf fringe around it is the Jolly Roger, and you are acting as one of its privateers!"

When the judge noted that he had pleaded not guilty, Terteltge countered, "I never plead, animals plead, sounds like baaaa, oink oink."

The back and forth exchange continued for a few more moments, and the hearing ended after both the judge and the defendant walked out.

This time, extra law enforcement officers were in court Tuesday and the proceedings happened without any outbursts.

A friend of Tertelgte's told us that he and the others came to court to enforce the Constitution.

William Wolf said, "It's we the people that run this and rule this country, not we the courts, not we the government, and if the people don't start standing up for themselves and for each other, we are going to continue being subjects of this government."

Justice Adams set Tertelgte's bond at $500 and his next court hearing is scheduled for January.

“I stand as myself and speak as myself.”

The judge said Mr. Ernie Wayne Terteltge was in court because he faced charges. He told the judge he was there making a special visitation. He told the judge that spirits make appearances. He was there to ensure that the court did not taint his truthful and proper name.

When the judge read off the charges for resisting arrest and fishing without a license, he said he counter-charged the officers with overthrow of the constitution and violations of universal natural law. He also argued that they have violated a ruling from March 21, 2011. In that ruling, the judge had found that he was not a taxpayer because he is not a federal citizen. He claims he does have the right to forage for food when he is hungry.

Then Terteltge listed case law that supported his position. The judge was not particularly pleased with his recitation of court cases that established his right under natural law. She threatened to have him arrested for contempt of court. Terteltge said

“You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action. I am the living man, protected by natural law.”

The judge threatened him with contempt if he didn’t shut up.

“Do not tell me to shut up! I am the living, natural man, and my voice will be heard!”

Then he pointed to the flag, noting the gold trim around the flag. He stated,

“That is the Jolly Roger, that thing you call the American flag with the golf fringe around it is the Jolly Roger, and you are acting as one of its privateers!”

Many regard the U.S. flag with yellow trim as a sign of martial law. Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3; Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; states a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow or gold fringe border on three sides. According to the view of natural law, a judge sitting under a gold or yellow fringe flag becomes the “captain” or “master” of that ship or enclave and he has absolute power to make the rules as they please. The gold or yellow fringe flag is a warning that a person’s constitutionally rights are null and void in that chamber or courtroom.

Thus, under natural law, Terteltge was correct. Nevertheless, the judge remained undaunted by Terteltge’s claims. She stated that he had plead not guilty. He stated,

“I never plead, animals plead, sounds like baaaa, oink oink.”

He refused to be part of the “corporate fiction.”

The judge then got up and left. So did Terteltge and his friends.

It is quite an eloquent defense of natural law. He would be at home in Northern Alaska.

UPDATED: Man from Montana hauled away in cuffs. Was not even allowed to call one single witness.



    By:BigJoe from Vic, Australia on November 25, 2013 @ 9:37 pm
    Once we all start doing as the living man, being all mighty powerful using as our god given rights, we are one step closer to being free on the land. And boy do they know it, coming back at him with contempt rubbish, the only action left open to them as they have the power of force, nothing more.

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