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  • Occupy Our Minds: To Empower Ourselves, We Need to Plug the 7 Holes In Our Heads
  • 27/12/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 16 articles in 2013 )

We need to Occupy our own minds before we can become empowered.

Specifically, people all have built-in bugs in our brains. If we learn to spot them,we will be able to think in more powerful ways and become more successful in our lives (including doing better as investors).

Bug Number 1: Forgetting that We Don’t Live in Tribes

Bug Number 2: Assuming that the Super-Elite Are “Like Us”

Vanderbilt researchers have found that the brains of psychopaths have a dopamine abnormality which creates a drive for rewards at any cost, and causes them to ignore risks.

Previous research on psychopathy has focused on what these individuals lack — fear, empathy and interpersonal skills.

The new research, however, examines what they have in abundance — impulsivity, heightened attraction to rewards and risk taking.

Importantly, it is these latter traits that are most closely linked with the violent and criminal aspects of psychopathy.

Bug Number 3: Falling for the Big Fib

Bug Number 4: The Urge to Defend Bad Systems

Bug Number 5: Apathy

Bug Number 6: The Life-Or-Death Struggle to Defend Our Beliefs

Bug Number 7: Fact Overload


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