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  • Bank: Useful Videos by NewERA’s Advocate
  • By Scott Cundill
  • 16/10/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Raymond ( 3 articles in 2013 )

  1. The Sequestration Process 1
  2. Debt Review
  3. Reckless Lending 1
  4. What Will the Banks Do and What Can I Do?
  5. Terminating the Debt Review Process
  6. Strategies for Dealing with Debt
  7. National Credit Act Part 1 (Section 78-81)
  8. Consumer Protection Act
  9. Ten questions to ask your Debt Counsellor https://youtu.b Other Defences Under the
  10. National Credit Acte/hgtKkioUEtU
  11. The Sequestration Process 2
  12. The Sequestration Process 3
  13. Interest Rates
  14. What Happens Once the Property Is Sequestrated
  15. Consumer Protection Act 1
  16. Reckless Lending 2
  17. Process of Sequestration 1: Notice of Surrender
  18. Other Defences under the National Credit Act
  19. Money and the Banking System 1
  20. Money and the Banking System 2
  21. National Credit Act 5 of 6 Section 129
  22. Friendly Sequestration
  23. Introduction to Sequestration Insolvency and generally going Bankrupt in South Africa
  24. What happens if you become insolvent i.e. get sequestrated in South Africa
  25. National Credit Act Part 2 (Section 82+)
  26. National Credit Act Part 3
  27. National Credit Act Part 4 of 4
  28. Certification Defence
  29. Securitisation Defence
  30. Rehabilitation: Becoming ‘un-sequestrated’


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