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  • NewEra’s Year of Fighting South Africa’s Crooked Banking System
  • By Mike Hampton
  • 14/12/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 16 articles in 2013 )
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During 2013, i tried to broaden Knysna minds with newsletters from other organisations such as the DA, ANC, AGANG and NewERA. The latter is particularly admirable as they’re a non-profit tackling South Africa’s impractical and cruel financial system which holds our country in bondage. It takes serious balls to be up against the powers that be! So hats off to NewERA for their hard and incredibly brave work in 2013…and here’s their latest newsletter:

New Economics Rights Alliance (NewERA) logoWe are activists, pure and simple. And what a year it’s been for our little Non Profit Organisation…

We helped blow the lid on the most disgusting garnishee order abuse this country has ever seen. A cartel of lawyers and debt collectors is involved in a scam that is devastating five million South Africans.

The banks have “lost” or “burned” original loan agreements in three “mysterious fires.” Experts indicate that this was most likely deliberate arson. We exposed how the judiciary is still granting Judgments for the banks, despite the fact the banks cannot produce a single original agreement in Court.

We have proven to South Africans that our banks are creating credit out of thin air, calling them ‘loans’ and then charging us interest up front.

Our allies are preparing to march a cow to parliament (yes, you “herd” that correctly…) The cow is a legal instrument that will pay off the entire debt of the nation. The objective here is to prove that our money system is nothing more than a rip off, designed to enslave the people of South Africa in a web of debt.

NewERA stood up in the High Court against a full bench of Senior Counsel in an impossible battle that won us front page headlines across the country.

We are preparing to launch class action court cases for those who have lost their assets to the fraudulent banking system.

We promoted three books by three different South African authors, each exposing the criminal systems within South African banks, the Reserve Bank and other large corporations.

NewERA is supporting several individuals who have stood up for themselves – taking on the beast and it’s devious attorneys HEAD ON.

We took to the streets to protest the way in which insolvency and liquidations are being used by unscrupulous banks and their attorneys to fleece the people.

We supported the Ubuntu Party by revealing to our Members how to keep the Sheriff away using a promissory note. (This again shows how our money system is based on worthless pieces of paper tricking us into believing that that money and credit are the same thing.)
NewERA released 15 short audio interviews by progressive South Africans about issues that really matter.

Let’s not get started on E-Tolls. Thank goodness organisations like OUTA are out there. We solute you guys!

We recorded interviews and produced highly detailed research that exposes how the South African banks enslave us by issuing ‘manufactured credit’ instead of lawful loans.
NewERA worked with SABC3 to expose the secret and underhanded process of securitisation in banks. This resulted in not one, but two Special Assignment episodes dedicated to this issue. The banks and their lawyers have been caught red handed misleading the Courts and refused to be interviewed on any show.

We launched a petition for people to stand against South Africa’s illegal debt cartels.
And last, but certainly not least, we gave a big push to South Africa’s very own alternative currency.

Tell us, don’t you feel that there is ‘something fishy’ about this 9-5 treadmill, where all we do is pay more and more interest on more and more debt?

debt - mortgagesSomething is wrong with this system and we are not just exposing it, we are offering solutions.

For details on all of the above points, visit and

If you are feeling giving this season, we are struggling financially. Any crumbs you can throw our way would be appreciated. Make a donation here. Become a paying Member of NewERA here.

Let’s take a stand. Let’s make a change.


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