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  • Contributed by: Steve ( 1 article in 2013 )
Be Grateful Today!
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This may sound repetitive but, some of us are missing steps and skipping information
This will information will go over the bases again, in simple, laymans terms.
1. NOTICE: This information needs to be constantly tested and challenged. Each person needs to take responsibility for whatever actions or lack thereof may come as a result of reading this presentation.

2. NOTICE: This work is a result of the “lights” finally coming on for me after many, many years of not understanding completely what I have studied and listened to from the great minds of people like the authors of redemption in law (Roger Elvik et al.) Winston Shrout, “Dr. Sam Kennedy” Vic Bedian, Barton Buhtz, Jack Smith, Gerrit Timmerman and more than I can remember.


4. God makes man from dirt
- Genesis 2:7 “the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground…”
- Genesis 3:19b “…until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

5. God’s creation “man” known as “original issue”
‘ man’ issued from the ground and he is God’s creation…
Therefore whatever ‘man’ creates with his hands through his labor is his and also his “original issue”.
It is his… it is his property and cannot be taxed… as long as he exchanges his property for something of equal value there is no “gain” and therefore no tax.
Keep that in mind because we are going to talk about Form 1099-OID, “original issue discount”, from the IRS.

6. So let’s digress and go back to your beginning…

7. When you were born your parents applied for a certification / citizenship / part time* job…with the [THE] “Australia Government” which is a corporation / company.
* “part time” because your full time job is you are working for YOU!!!
In your full-time job you receive money of exchange, because you are exchanging your labor for other products and services of equal value. There is no real gain , therefore no income, therefore no income tax.

8. The application they made was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate”….the ‘company’, the “Australia Government” kept the original application and gave your parents a copy of a birth certificate.
This created what is known as a “foreign situs trust account”.

9. Big, big problems though…
When you were born you in essence went to ‘work’ for the ‘company’.
Problem is, the ‘company’ you went to work for could not pay back the loans they had with the bank and the company had to go into bankruptcy in 1933, therefore they had no way to pay you…
furthermore, the company came to your parents and asked to borrow your assets, and your parents [unwittingly] obliged, thus making you one of the companies’ creditors.

10. Can you say “deception”?
the ‘company’ then took the application and pledged your future labor as a guarantee for payment to the bankers, also known as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The bankers gave the company a credit for your application against the amount that the company owed the bankers, which at the time of your birth, was worth close to 1 million dollars. This transaction is what is referred to as a “money of account” transaction, as no real money changed hands. It was simply an accounting entry against the debt owed to the bankers, by the company.

11. Deception ???
The bankers then took the [your] application, and used fractional bank lending. It is the birth certificate that is proof that an application was submitted. It is the application that is the real negotiable instrument and the birth certificate proves there is a negotiable instrument being used in commerce — to borrow money.

12. HUH??? What is that you say! fractional banking - If a [your] birth certificate is worth, say, 1 million, the bank can loan that same 1 million out as many as 9 times, thus making the [your] birth certificate worth 9 million; and it keeps going, going and going.A [your] birth certificate, has almost unlimited value associated with it.

13. Can you say “deception” again?However, because it was pledged, you became involved in what is known as “involuntary servitude” or basically a slave to the company, in what is known as an ‘invisible contract’ since you didn’t even know about it…

14. umm…sounds like when I acquired my car!You got it bro… look at a [your] birth certificate and notice that it reads just like a title to a car; weight so many pounds… date of delivery… parties involved…certain size, length… hey, now they will even get a foot print to prove it is you.
Think about it… what does the bank do when you borrow money on a car? They keep the “title” for “safe keeping” until the debt is paid. Once the debt is paid, they release the title back to the original owner. For now, you get the use of the car, until the debt is paid.

15. We must remember the “title” to the car is not the car!
- This is the car……
- They took the “title” to your body, the birth certificate and borrowed money against it. That is exactly what a birth certificate is, A TITLE.
- This is you…… (I know, not a pretty sight!) Remember, You are NOT the title. You are you. A Flesh and blood man or woman, not so much ink on paper.

16. Me, I want my title back!!!
Since you are the only one who gives “value” to the birth certificate because of your labor, you are the only one who can go to the ‘bank’ and redeem and regain control of the [your] birth certificate. Just like the car. The car gives value to the title to the car. You give value to the title, the [your] birth certificate. Without you, the birth certificate is worthless.

17. Me, I want my title back!!!Right now, even though they have no legal right or claim or lien, the bankers control your “title” / birth certificate.You can regain control by simply filing a notice of lien against the birth certificate.This is done every day. Banks file notices of liens with the Department of Commerce to prove and establish their interest in all kinds of property… homes, cars, tools, equipment.

18. That’s right, I want my title back!!!
This is done very simply by contacting the Secretary of State or Department of Commerce and filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement and listing the property as collateral, on the statement. The same can be done with the birth certificate, which is your property. You and only you, can file this notice of lien… you and only you, can determine the value of the property. Since you are priceless in God’s eyes the value of your UCC-1 should be UNLIMITED.

19. Are you ready for some good news???
Your debt, is actually “prepaid” with what is known as “money of account.”There is no real substance or “money of exchange” like gold and silver- only accounting-adjustments and set offs. They agreed to do this for you, with the passage of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192 back in 1933. SWEET! Sign me up for that program! Truth is, you already ARE — its just that no one told you about it, UNTIL NOW!Like all good companies, they offer to their “employees” insurance benefits. They offer insurance to us if we would fill out an “Application for Social Security Benefits”. This all originated from the “Shepard Towners Maternity act” which was to help new mothers with the care of their children if the mother was unwed. (this is why they ask for the maiden name of the mother on the “application for live birth certificate”. We are all considered to be “bastard children” with the ‘company’ as our ‘daddy’.)

20. Are you ready for more good news???The “Application for Social Security Benefits” is really a power of attorney for the company who issued the insurance benefit to the real man. Power of attorney was given to the corporation, [a/k/a] the government. When they established the new account they styled the name [TITLE] in ALL CAPS [JOHN HENRY DOE] which is really a corporation. It is the name/ title of a corporation. The Social Security Number (SSN) is [prima facie] evidence that there is an insurance policy. The benefits that one receives include the privilege of an army, navy, police, fire protection, courts, jails, prisons, etc.

21. Are you ready for even more good news?
When we filled out the “Application for Social Security Benefits” we ‘allowed’ the ‘company’ access to our account, our check book as it were, the pre-paid account that was set-up when our birth certificate issued. We gave them permission as signers to write checks on our account, and they do all the time. Keep in mind, this is the same account the bankers fractionalized and created huge, almost unlimited sums of “money”, and we became ‘co-business partners’, with the ‘company’. They are able to access and use our pre-paid account, for whatever they deem necessary.

22. So tell me, what’s the catch?
Now, do you see why they don’t want to let a new-born out of the hospital, without a Social Security Account Number? They want access to that prepaid account, and the only way they can is if they offer some type of benefit that you [albeit unwittingly] accept, also known as, the social security insurance program.The creation of the social security account created what is known as a “cestui-que trust account.”

23. cestui que trust (ses-tee kay)A cestui que trust is a formal Latin term referring to a beneficiary having an equitable interest in a trust, with the legal title being vested to the trustee. The law looks with suspicion upon transactions between trustees and beneficiaries, and, when the cestui que trust sells trust property to the trustee, the burden is placed upon the grantee or trustee to whom such transfer is made to show that the grantor or cestue que trust was in possession of full information and acted upon her own volition or independent advice, and free from all influence of the grantee or trustee to whom such transfer is made.

24. cestui que trust“A trust is an equitable obligation binding a person (who is called a trustee) to deal with property over which he has control (which is called the trust property) for the benefit of persons (who are called beneficiaries or cestui que trust) of whom he may himself be one, and anyone of whom may enforce the obligation. Any act or neglect on the part of a trustee which is not authorized or excused by the terms of the trust instrument, or by law, is a breach of trust.” Justice Romer in Green v Underhill

25. So howthe heck does all that work?
So far it has worked real good for the company… they just didn’t tell you how to go about getting your debt set off and how to access and use the pre-paid account.
Well, that’s just great!

26. Now what can one do?
One must acquire a “certified copy” of one’s birth certificate from the keeper of the records in your state, usually the department of vital records, and do what is called an “accepted for value”.

Please adjust this account for the Proceeds, Products, Accounts and Fixtures.
signed: (YOUR ALL CAPS STRAWMAN), (hereafter ‘debtor’)
First-Middle-Last Name, authorized agent, (hereafter ‘creditor’)
Stamp specimen
STAMP Accepted for Value Blue Live to The Treasurer Template

28. What can one do…
“accept for value” the birth certificate and create a “bond” (an insurance policy guaranteeing we won’t harm anyone) and send them both with a copy of the UCC-1 financing statement, proving our security interest in the birth certificate, and send it all to the ‘payroll clerk’ of the company, also known as “the Secretary of the Treasury.”
We need to let him know that we want use our pre-paid account. Think about it – it is the same as asking him to pay for the expenses we have incurred on an “expense report” while being employed with the ‘company’.
The company gave us an “expense account” the prepaid account… we might as well use it.

29. Help! Someone is trying to give me something I don’t want… a liability.
When someone sends you a bill it is what is referred to as a “presentment.” What they are attempting to do is create “new money” with…“money of account”
“Check book money”
by getting you to accept the liability they are sending you, and get you to “pay” the bill with “money of exchange” (Federal Reserve Notes)
or the equity you created, i.e. money that was created as a result of your labor!

30. In commerce
whoever creates a liability MUST bring in the remedy as well. If the sender doesn’t send the funds to ‘pay’ the bill you must accept the bill for the value you gave it when you were born and use your exemption / prepaid account to offset the debt the sender is creating.
So, it is your choice whether to “set off” the debt with your pre-paid account by accepting the bill for value and sending the bill to the “Paymaster”, i.e.; the Secretary of the Treasury, or IRS for adjustment, OR give them the equity from your labor,

31. Hello – I think I know what I would do….. Accept the bill for value and send it to the “payroll clerk”…

32. Have you lost your mind???
Are you saying the IRS and the Secretary of the Treasury might be my friends?If they are not now, they soon will be… Let’s review who the IRS really is… the IRS is the accounting and collection division of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the bankers, who the company owes money to. They are the ones who enforce and oversee the bankruptcy of the ‘company’. They are really not your enemy… they are only doing what they were hired to do, and that is to keep track of the bankruptcy of the company. It is imperative we learn how to use them to our advantage as they can be a tremendous resource for us.
ASIC Example invoice stamps ASIC invoice with stamps page 2 no details STAMP Accepted for Value Blue Live to The Treasurer Template

33. The Secretary of the Treasury is like the payroll clerk at ‘most any company you may work for. He acts in a dual capacity as both “payroll clerk” and receiver in the bankruptcy for the bankers.With additional documents and letters not covered in this presentation one can call upon the Secretary of the Treasury, or the IRS, to adjust the accounts and “pay” the bills, taxes, and the like, that we have accumulated over time and have the debt incurred “paid off” using the pre-paid account that is waiting for us to use.

34. So all I have to do is accept the bill for the value I gave it when my labor was pledged and send it back to the party who sent the bill and they forward it to the Secretary of the Treasury and he will use my prepaid account to settle and close the account/debt?You got it. That’s basically how it works. We call upon the Secretary to do what he was hired to do and that is to make adjustments to the [our] account – to set it to zero when we incur, in the normal course of doing business (i.e.; living), things like:Car payments, credit cards, utilities, taxes, etc.YES all of them!

35. Ok, so what is this 1099-OID stuff I’ve been hearing about?
During your lifetime you have probably NOT had the Secretary of the Treasury / IRS ‘paying’ / discharging your debts for you or adjusting the [your] account according to HJR192.
You, like most people, have been giving your equity away (paying your bills) in the form of Federal Reserve Notes that you acquired through your labor.
You had the pre-paid account available but didn’t know it existed, or didn’t know how to use it, and the net result is you have been paying for ‘stuff’ the company should have been “paying” for all along.

36. Its time to fill out an “expense report” (a Form 1099-OID) and sending it to the payroll clerk to be reimbursed for the ‘stuff’ you paid for that the company was supposed to pay for.
The Form 1099-OID is known as an “original issue discount” form.,-Original-Issue-Discount
Remember that all men/women issue (originate) from the ground? They are God’s creation and therefore all labor that originates from them is also considered ‘original issue’.
Since we eventually return to the ground – all labor also needs to be returned to the source of the labor, and that would be to the man/woman who created products and services from his/her labor.
The 1099-OID is basically an expense report that needs to be submitted to ‘the company’ via the ‘payroll clerk’ to be reimbursed for purchases you made that the company should have paid for in the first place. Just like an expense report you need to attach the receipts (only in the event of and IRS audit) to the 1099 for proper accounting by the ‘payroll clerk’.

37. Let’s review…
- When you were born your parents entered a contract with the government / ‘the company’ that was bankrupt and you essentially went to work part time for them, to help pay off the debt the ‘company’ had incurred.
- The instrument that was used was the “Application for Live Birth Certificate” and it became a binding contract. It also became a pledge to / for the ‘company’ and security they use to ‘pay’ the debt the ‘company’ has with the bankers.

38. Review, continued…
- One can redeem and regain control of the [birth certificate] instrument by filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement with the Secretary of State in one’s state and listing the birth certificate as [your] ‘property’, or collateral. (If you don’t know how to do this talk to someone who has or email me and I will give you people who are knowledgeable in this area.)
- By filling out the “Application for Social Security Benefits” we entered into another contract that allowed the ‘company’ to access the [our] prepaid account that was created with the passage of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192. (learn about this resolution) the “Application for Social Security Benefits” can be revoked and the contract rescinded by simply filling out a “Withdrawal of Social Security Benefits”.

39. Review, continued…
- By creating a bond and sending it with a copy of one’s duly filed UCC-1 to the Secretary of the Treasury one can then access the prepaid account that was created and begin to discharge any debt incurred from that point forward.
- Please be aware that this is an ongoing learning process. If there is something you don’t understand DO NOT DO THESE PROCEDURES. Get some help from someone who has done this. As one may suspect, this presentation doesn’t cover everything needed.
Forms names and codes are different depending on the country you live in.

40. Remember this was never meant to be easy.
You have to research and educate yourself, in order to understand the deceit that happened in your life. No one else can do it for you. You must learn this yourself. You need to become an investigator and never stop learning.


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