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  • Freedom Talk Radio Dave Farmer (Daveyone) Guest.
  • By Daveyone
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  • 05/07/2013 Make a Comment (4)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 30 articles in 2013 )
Our special guest is Dave Farmer (Daveyone) will be on to discuss Family Law and Child Welfare Reform! Wed 10th July 2013 at 7PM London Time(See link below and details in the forums) It is my hope to offer robust testimony of what many of us go through in the best interest of our kids!

In 2004 I took matters to Family Court as I knew my former partner would not be conciliatory even though our children said "they loved their Mum and they loved their Dad so would like to see as much of each as possible even though we would be living apart!"

From March to October 2004 I fought for and achieved;

Joint residency order
Parental responsibility (A given to those on the birth certificate today)
Shared care
Equal contact

This cost me £35,000 and I believed it would serve my children till they were of an age that they could make their own decisions on contact probably as they reached secondary education, and although the mother sought to disrupt contact it worked OK until Sept 2007 since when the mother has withheld both my children now 14 and 17.

Although a truck driver I offered a second family home equal distance to the schools allowing easy access by our children to both homes and I worked through agencies to enable my work pattern to fit all the prescribed contact times, but the toll was that in time I could not sustain in effect 2 homes restrictive work and trying to have a life and in the end went bankrupt to the tune of £75,000.

At that time I learned that my former partner and the new man in her life (who had daily contact with my sons yet has not spent 30 seconds in family court) could acquire my interest in the former family home for a peppercorn rate , this they sold to their benefit of £240,000. At the time they acquired my home I was told I could have my second home repossessed, it was only early access to my private pension as I turned 50 in 2008 that prevented that, but rendered my 30 year old pension worth just £110 per month.

(The CSA do not recognise what I have done through family court from 2004 to 2008)

I am still trying to recover financially, but the CSA have put unreasonable demands on me in spite of my shared care agreement and took half my salary as a dustman, put a lean on my home which once again could be repossessed early in the new year, they want a portion of my £110 per month pension and will be returning me to court yet the hardest part in all this is that I have only had 6 hours contact with my 2 sons since 19th September 2007!

The CSA act on the mother's say so and take none of my circumstances into account, how can that be fair and reasonable or 'in the children's best interest' as I tried to achieve? She could win millions on the lottery and I could be on a park bench yet still they would purse me!

What would you do in my position?


    By:Daveyone from A Mess, England on July 5, 2013 @ 10:25 pm
    By:Rambo from NSW, Australia on July 5, 2013 @ 10:22 am
    Friday is on my mind. Spread the word Davey far & wide on the airwaves. See you lads Joe & Squiggs hav valid points. The whole family industry is one giant racket for those greedy few. Its a mess. Humanity is off track, again. Every man & woman who works for this industry in whatever capacity, works for the state. Many are classed as officers of the court, lavishing some perceived importance upon their egos. Well, think again peoples. Lwyers, police, judiciary & public servants are just robots serving the wrong master & in the wrong way. The shock is they are not serving people positively.

    As their numbers grow so does the states power over people. Too bad they don't teach history anymore but hey we have the net. Do you remember socialism, communism, Karl Marx and their manifesto? Control, control & more state control. People just don't see it today as they rush round like busy bees, enjoying the fruits of this new technolgy distraction, while people in the know & power plot how to best manage your life just like herding sheep.

    The simple answer my friends is for people not to work for the state. Don't give them your energy. Be creative & enterprising serving the community in a beneficial & beautiful way, not destructive. Focus on manifesting good things into existence. Work with the Earth & all her beauty. Btw. hows this free energy coming along?
    By:Joe B from New South Wales, Australia on July 5, 2013 @ 9:29 am
    Lets be clear here.

    1) The legal industry loots families like gambling loots punters
    The main difference is when you gamble you have a choice and a chance

    2) The wrongdoers and lawyers in the FamCrt and CSA should be burnt at the stake as they are plain evil toward humanity.

    3) People are to blame for going to and giving these people and institutions power over them and other people, destroying the lives of many children including the depletion of their inheritance from mum and dad.

    4) The Family Law industry is on the whole deceptive to the uninitiated, just as politicians are to the public. When we all wake up to this fact we will all be better for it.
    By:MrSquiggle from Vic, Australia on July 5, 2013 @ 8:49 am
    First of all Dave on behalf of F4J and all the good family people all around the world we understand your pain and frustration at having to deal with systems so anti family, lacking fairness and common sense.

    Once caught in this this vitriolic and archaic system with vultures at almost every turn, it's extremely hard to get out, let alone come out with the shirt on your back.

    Do what's right in your heart Dave and always come from a place of love. It may seem unfair at times but at least you can live in peace with yourself and sleep at night.

    In time these systems will fall as better ways will reveal themselves. People will again come to see the strength and value in family.

    Hang in there and don't give up, for your every thought, feeling and action is replicated around the world tenfold.

    You are not alone! Speak from your soul and heart on the radio and the truth shall reveal itself.

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