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  • What of your Unalienable Rights in Australia?
  • 05/07/2013 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 16 articles in 2013 )
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As a reminder to you all, the below unalienable rights (found in the Bill of Rights), plus many many more rights do and should apply on the whole to you and every living human on the planet.

  1. Right of Conscience.
  2. To act in self-defense (personal, family, innocents, nation).
  3. To own and carry weapons for self-defense and for ensuring that the nation remains free.
  4. To own and control private property (land, money, personal items, intellectual property, etc.)
  5. To earn a living and keep the fruit of one’s labor.
  6. To freely migrate within the country or to leave the country.
  7. To worship -- or not worship -- God in the manner one chooses.
  8. To associate with -- or disassociate from -- any person or group.
  9. To express any idea through print, voice, banner, or other media.
  10. To be secure in one’s home, papers, and person against unwarranted searches and seizures (privacy).
  11. To be advised of the charges, in the event of arrest.
  12. To have a judge determine if the accused should be held for trial or for punishment.
  13. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers and face one’s accuser, in the event of being charged with a crime.
  14. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers, in the event of a suit in which the disputed amount is substantive.
  15. To suffer no cruel or unusual punishment.
  16. To establish, monitor, control, and petition our servant government to help secure the above rights.
  17. To abolish said government, when it becomes destructive of these rights.

The above list is only a start — add below what other rights you have.


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