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  • Are all people mentally ill?
  • 01/07/2014 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Bruno ( 2 articles in 2014 )
People who watch, listen, believe and obey mainstream television, radio and newspapers (the daily rag) are sick.

People who are active participants in the big business and charade of sport and entertainment are also sick.

People who follow and take notice of so called icons, celebrities and stars are sick.

People who suffer from all forms of dependencies are sick.

But nonetheless, people seem to think people are only sick when a physical ailment is present, or when other people are labelled with a mental illness. But of course, not them, oh no.

If anyone was to say they are sick because they watch and believe Mainstream Media, Political rhetoric, Sport, Religion, Education systems and pay their unjust taxes and fines without questioning anything like a good little boy, you would have a fight on your hands as their EGO desperately attempts to defend and justify that they're not sick, and that they're ok and normal.

This compulsion to be a normal and accepted member of a society is a huge indicator of the sickness looming over the world stage today.

People and the norms that have been instilled to self control and regulate the population have been highly effective in governing the masses for a top down advantage from the ruling class.

Whilst the classes under the government/legal/media ceiling fight it out, the ruling class sit back on top enjoying life. This political/legal/media illusion serves as a buffer between the haves and have nots. This has been this way for thousands of years and will remain until enough people awake, remember who they are, heal and want love and abundance for all.

So it's not a question as to whether each person is mentally ill or not in our westernised culture and so called advanced society, no, that is already a confirmed yes. For the answer to that is supported by how can a person not be in the man-made environments created up to this day.

The only real questions requiring examination are how mentally ill are we, what types of pathology exists within each of us and what have we to do, so we may all get better and improve our environments for all.

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