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  • Anti-Protest Laws — Freedom or Farce?
  • 17/07/2014 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Ol_Bean ( 1 article in 2014 )
Be Grateful Today!

A Rational Fear - How to protest in Victoria (3:03)

A Satire about Freedom, Police and Your Rights - or will it become more of a reality?

Is this dictatorship and authoritarian rule what YOU want for your life, family, children and country? Your choice!

This video portraying Victoria's anti-protest laws have apparently just passed the lower house by one vote - very scary.

As the people don't want such abhorrent laws, clearly our political system has been subverted and in a horrible mess, with MP's [military police more like it] having too much power and control and not enough listening and representing the wishes of the people.

What mindless MP's would allow such a thing, if indeed the voting process is bona fide and accurate? What is the source behind this corruption?

Where is this concept of People versus the State phenomena and draconian laws really coming from?

In Victoria today, Australia tomorrow. What has led us down this slippery slope?

While a clever satire, it may just turn into a not so funny reality if it gets through the Upper House.

Is it not high time we ALL woke up and smelt the coffee, and put our feet to the pavement, in addition to our fingers on the keyboard?

Due to the apathy of many in Australia, one of the few countries in the world that had been spared, now come to experience authoritarian rule?

Why and what will follow?

But remember people, all bad laws like this one if passed, are to be, not only morally and spiritually ignored as we know this in our hearts, but legally disregarded as well as they are in excess of power, usurping your power without consent.

High Court judge Latham said in Uniform Tax Case HCA 1942 65 CLR 373 at 408,
"...A pretend law made in excess of power is not and never has been a law at all...The law is not valid until a court pronounces against it – and thereafter invalid. If it is beyond power it is void ab initio...Anybody in the country is entitled to disregard it."

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