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  • Is the State stealing directly from your bank account?
  • 24/07/2014 Make a Comment (3)
  • Contributed by: Flukey_Luke ( 1 article in 2014 )
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Many of us know the State is stealing from many of us in many ways, but is this relatively latest theft and fraud gone too far?

Could you in your wildest dreams ever believe that Australia would become a fascist, communist, Marxist and totalitarian country with dictatorial rule, just as Russia and Germany were many decades ago, just to name two common places people remember?

Yes, as the peanut gallery yells out that infamous name and prime minister called "Shame Abbott Shame - not in our name".

I know, putting all jokes aside, you look around your neighbourhood and hear no screaming or gun fire, see no military presence or death, everything is peaceful as the sun is setting, so everything mustn't be too bad, right?

But seriously, could you ever have imagined in Australia that either the State, Government or any Corporation could have direct access to your bank account, withdrawing any amount they deemed at any time, without your knowledge or say so, just like a daylight robbery, regardless of what any perceived debt maybe against your name?

I also hear many in the peanut gallery who have had Child Support Agency debts from about 2006 yell out, "yes those bastards have taken money straight outa my account!" leaving many paying parents destitute with barely a cracker to live on.

Well, you better believe it as it's happening alright, with this latest assault from the State Debt Recovery Office (NSW) getting $223 facilitated through the Westpac bank who got $13 for their trouble. So much for privacy and confidentiality laws, they simply don't exist for the money takers. View letter showing theft

While this may not sound like a big figure, how would you feel if it was taken from your bank account and out of the blue, without proper authority from you or any lawful reason? And this is just the start. Next time it may just be a bigger amount, again this week, after next weeks pay has just gone in, who knows how much and when. Maybe you and the family will have to go hungry this week.

So then imagine getting not just one ticket per month, but perhaps one every week and then on a daily basis. Imagine what hundreds or thousands of dollars per week in bogus fines would mean to an average family. Simply, they would struggle with food on the table plus meeting all the expenses with raising a family, which are already beyond the reach now of many families. Simply a Mad Max story of survival and 'dog eat dog' would no doubt unfold.

From the thieves perspective, multiplying this relatively small sum of money by tens of thousands of Australians weekly, amounts to a nice little earner don't you think?

As more illegal fines accrue, knowingly or unknowingly to you, and more unlawful deductions are stolen from you, via your bank account by the thieves that are controlling our defacto government, maybe you won't be able to afford the rent this week or next, or perhaps supply the essentials for your kids and their schooling, or even the fuel to get to work to earn that pittance that you do get, of course after that other unlawful theft happens called tax is taken from you, and if you are good and very lucky, at the end of the financial year you just might get some of what you earnt back. WOW, how lucky you are.

Now, if you haven't awoken already, this is some serious shit, especially when it dawns upon you that this State Corporate attack is just in it's infancy stage, and as with any system, it can take awhile to creep all these pieces into place, so you won't be alerted — keeping you busy, de-energised, distracted, addicted, dependent and in states of grief and trauma from mental and family breakdown.

Also as part of the power and control chess game various moves have been made such as conditioning people psychologically to accept traffic/transport fines as the 'norm' while camera, wireless and IT technology has advanced and expanded. Bank technology is state of the art and transfers are done in an instant. The laws to facilitate these crimes are constantly being put in place, just as are the processes and laws to make it difficult for ordinary people to defend such an assault, save via a public revolt.

Let's not kid ourselves people, this is a multi-billion dollar lucrative system for the few and they aren't going to part with it anytime soon, save develop it more and more making it more profitable at the expense of making your life more deprived and miserable.

And for those who are still asleep, none of this unjust revenue being raised, stolen is a more apt description, is about safety, or what's lawful, equitable or just. Whilst safety has always been an acceptable customer relations psychological approach to fooling the people and minimising resistance, what excuse can now be used for corporate theft straight from you bank account?

You might be saying to yourself, oh well I was at fault, I should pay dearly for my crime and have my sacred, private property and confidential bank account looted. No problem I will just let the mystery corporate thugs, under the guise of State Government, do as they will this time, like last time, and the time before that, without batting an eyelid. Ok, I'm a whimp who won't fight back you admit to yourself. I'm not a man, I'm a mouse as you cringe in shame.

But what happens as the fines, demands and assaults increase? Where will it end as your rights and freedoms are trampled on more and more. If we as individuals and the people collectively don't resist and protect ourselves, who will do if for us? The abusers and perpetrators?

Again, your mind will still want to take the easy way out, as we have been trained like monkeys to be passive, dumb and not resist. Do as you're told and go with the flow.

You will of course again tell yourself ok, I was at fault and I should be punished for doing 4km over some prescribed limit or going through a red light by a couple of seconds.

Also for not buying an overpriced ticket on transport, traveling on a road without wanting to pay toll fees, saying or expressing the wrong thing at the wrong time or protesting in the wrong place.

Or collecting rain water for free, expecting our water to be pure and free from gas (from fracking) and harmful ingredients, and so on. We have been duped into paying for abundant god given water, so what will we have to pay for next, the oxygen we breathe? Seriously, don't laugh.

Has the world always been this mad and driven by ignorance, apathy and greed or has it been that some individuals in positions of financial wealth come to understand human nature and how to control the masses, for those privileged few in the know?

And look, you can stay with the preconditioned status quo, keep your eyes and mind closed, stay in a world of denial, defend and justify your position all you like. There is no dishonour there, stupidity perhaps, but we have all done that to some degree. However, one day it may just bite hard and really affect you and your family, and then what will you do? Will it all be too late, as the act of one deciding to stand up within a small room with bars or from inside a coffin, could be regarded as futile.

Will you say enough is enough, and become so incensed about the injustice that your emotional anger will be the driving force behind you doing something about such wrongs?

Will you facilitate constructive action to make the world a fairer and better place for us plebs at the sharp edge of the saw?

What will it take? Speed/red light cameras and detection in every traffic light pole, increasing ticket infringement dispensing by more than a thousand times?

Both freedom and apathy is a bitch, and they don't work well together, so you will need to make a choice!

    By:Andrew Perceval from NSW, Australia on August 25, 2015 @ 8:41 am
    Yep, fact. These theiving scumbags (NSW State Government) and their thieving scumbag corporate mates (Comm Bank) just rifled my account to the tune of $450.00. The original fine ($200) came from a conviction for offensive language. I was walking down the street minding my own business when a bunch on NSW pigs (and their dog) decided I was carrying drugs. So they bail me up with force, conduct a search (in public) then when they don't find any drugs (the dog was wrong...they are wrong 85% of the time) arrest me and take me to the station and conduct a full strip search, again, finding no drugs. So they decide to charge me with 1. possession of a knife in a public place (a 5cm swiss army knife/scissor/toothpick combo) attached to my keyring (I beat this charge at contest) and 2. offensive language, for calling the pig a fuckwit. These people are scumbag standover artists and thieves. My advice to all citizens is to buy as many guns as you can and get ready to kill every NSW State Government employee and their corporate scumbag mates (and their scumbag retard offspring) ONE BULLET = ONE DEAD PIG
    By:lionel from SA, Australia on July 28, 2014 @ 4:55 pm
    everywhere you seem to look, public servants and govt officials don't listen, care or act on our behalf. fines galore for nothing. its my opinion and i think its official - we're a bees dick away from being in in a police state. people had better wakey wakey and get theire hand off snakey is all i can say.
    By:Another pissed off Dad from NSW, Australia on July 26, 2014 @ 7:20 pm
    In the last two weeks I have just Legal Aid, who I have been fighting for the past 3 years, empty my bank account of 2.5K which was to pay my mortgage. This was for the services of an Independent Children's Lawyer who took total advantage of me when I had to step down my lawyer due to running out of money. The legal aid lawyer was a man hater who is an active lesbian in the Sydney LBGT movement.

    Last week the CSA raided my tax office account whilst a return was being processed. The money was their to pay for the return and lightened me of a further $17.5K based not on my income but a capacity to pay. I now have a debt to the tax office of 19K.

    I have written to the AG at state and federal level. The Department of Human Services and in discussions with the ministers office put me through unknowingly to a senior CSA case officer... the very department I was complaint about.

    Thieving mongrels the lot of them. I can't pay my mortgage this month and the bank will foreclose as I have been on hardship. I also haven't had a penny to my name and haven't had a descent meal since mid week.

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