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  • Cop found guilty of unlawful assault on fare evader who was body-slammed and choked
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FOOTAGE has emerged of a cop body-slamming and choking a fare evader who would not tell him his name at Flinders Street Station.

Sen-Constable Dean Anderson was mentoring three junior protective service officers when he lost his temper in the assault caught on CCTV.

Anderson arrested passenger Anton Perry on December 13, 2012 and took him to a holding cell at the station, where he shoved him into the wall and threw him to the ground.

He then straddled him, placing his knee on his chest, and grabbed Mr Perry’s throat.

Mr Perry’s head was shoved into the wall as the officer became increasingly agitated at his insistence that he had a title, not a name.

Magistrate Elizabeth Lambden found he acted out of frustration, rather than self-defence for fear of being spat on, when he repeatedly assaulted a man who would not tell him his proper name.

Anderson was suspended without pay from Victoria Police and his role on the board of the Police Association after being charged.

Ms Lambden rejected Anderson’s claims he believed Mr Perry was going to spit on him, saying the experienced officer would not have kept his face so close to Mr Perry’s.

Anderson, who was found guilty of four counts of unlawful assault, told the court during a three-day hearing that he was traumatised after having previously been spat on and exposed to blood in the course of duty.

Ms Lambden sentenced the officer, who earned a bravery commendation during his 13-year police career, to a 12-month community corrections order, which stipulates he must perform 150 hours of unpaid community work.

Defence counsel Hayden Rattray submitted Anderson, who was suspended from work early last year and would likely be unable to continue in his chosen career, had been punished enough.

Ms Lambden did not record a conviction against Anderson for the incident that left Mr Perry with bruises, abrasions and a mistrust of police.

Anderson has 28 days to appeal the decision.


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