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  • Toll dodger Santo Bonacci is on the run after failing to pay nearly 500 fines
  • 16/10/2014 Make a Comment (2)
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A FINE dodger has gone on the run after racking up almost 500 infringement notices worth $132,000.

Police have two warrants for Santo “Sam” Bonacci’s arrest after he failed to answer bail.

The Herald Sun reported in January how Mr Bonacci faced 916 days in prison if he refused to pay the 483 fines for unpaid road tolls and additional speeding tickets.

The 51-year-old, from Berwick, had amassed the fines since early 2010.

Police believe he is currently in Myrtleford, in north-east Victoria.

Barrister Peter Pickering, acting for the Sheriff’s Office, described Mr Bonacci as being “uncooperative” with police and the court in January.

“At the time of the apprehension of Mr Bonacci, he was quite uncooperative,” Mr Pickering told the court.

“He said the police and court had no right to arrest him,” he added.

But Mr Bonacci claimed the police were acting fraudulently and that he had been put under duress.

“I do not wish to be a party to fraud, sir,” Mr Bonacci told Magistrate Steven Raleigh.

He added that he sought a “peaceful remedy” to the situation.

Mr Raleigh granted Mr Bonacci bail on the condition he report to Narre Warren police station once a week.

He was also barred from publishing offensive comments about Sheriff’s officers on social media after posting a video on YouTube calling a police officer a “c---” and a magistrate a paedophile.

In the video — posted in December last year and showing police and Sheriff’s officers towing a friend’s car — Mr Bonacci described Victoria Police as a criminal organisation that engaged in fraud.

“Those roads and everything are built by we, the people. We own them,” he said.

He was due to appear in court again on 1 April but Victoria Police released a statement this afternoon saying he was a wanted man.

Mr Bonacci is described as having an olive complexion, 150cm tall, shoulder length greying wavy hair and a grey beard.


    By:Jeremiah from viccy, corpus-australis on November 1, 2014 @ 10:52 am
    The system & these corporate thieves are an absolute disgrace Santos and will be fought and are not hang in there !!
    By:Brett from SA, Aussie on October 16, 2014 @ 8:20 pm
    What a true spirited, talented and courageous soul is Santos Bonacci. He has been targeted by the system for exposing the fraud that is perpetuated upon us all. What is happening to Santos can and does happen to all those stand up for their rights, truth, the law and honour.

    As the number of people who wake up increases exponentially daily, this time next year we should hopefully gave all those unlawful government officials who commit treason locked away in jails where they belong.

    Long live the law and Motu Proprio.

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