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  • Polite Sheriff letters bring in millions in unpaid fines
  • By Nino Bucci
  • 28/10/2014 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Keller ( 1 article in 2014 )
The Sheriff has netted $57 million by sending nice letters to those with unpaid fines.

More than 460,000 letters were sent using courteous language to coax cash from people with as many as five outstanding warrants.

"We appreciate that there are many reasons why you have not paid your fines," Sheriff Brendan Facey wrote as part of Operation Nexter.

"Whatever the reason, it is important that you pay your fines before the Sheriff takes action.

"If you do not pay, the Sheriff will take action to recover the amount you owe. This may include taking and selling your assets, suspending your driver licence or vehicle registration, or arresting you."

The operation cost $2 million and led to about 70,000 people paying their fines. It saved dozens of rostered Sherriff hours.

"There will always be a place for Sherriff's officers to knock on people's doors and set up roadblock operations around the state," Mr Facey said.

The Sheriff warned that those who ignored the letters risked asset confiscation, wheel clamping, and even arrest.

The office database was also updated as part of the pilot.


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