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  • Guardianship Abduction: Ross is locked up! Please sign the petition
  • By Ian Curr
  • 18/10/2014 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 27 articles in 2014 )
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Ross was abducted by the Office of Public Guardian early Thursday morning 16 October 2014 ... please sign the petition for Ross to be returned to his family home @

Somewhere between 7am and 10 am on Thursday 15 October 2014 they came for Ross at his home in Sunnybank.

His carer had just left for work. No warning was given to Ross’s unpaid carer or his support people despite the fact that we are all listed in various government agencies as Ross’s friends and support people.

Ross has been in good health and in good spirits. His mind is active and his memory good.

As they took Ross away he said that he was not leaving without Ellen … so he took Ellen’s ashes.

They left his hat.

They left his two dogs (Phoebe and Harry) at the glass front door. I saw them waiting patiently for Ross when I arrived at 10 am. When I asked people at the local shopping centre if they had seen Ross, they said that they knew him but had not seen him.

Ross didn’t know he was going. He knew I was coming and he intended to wait. He didn’t take his hat and they forgot to collect that when they collected the dogs and the money. They took him to a home. Ross had said many times … that he wasn’t going into one of those homes because he knew how the residents were treated when he worked in one.

Those that took Ross have a motto: ‘Protecting the rights of vulnerable Queenslanders’. They were assisted in this by fraud by Brian Laver, Will Marcus and Suleiman Sabdia all acting in their own interests to lie and cheat Carl Ross Taylor of his life savings.

‘They’ call themselves the Public Guardian of Queensland (until recently, the Adult Guardian).

I am concerned about the mental anguish they have caused Ross by taking him from his home.

The Public Guardian refuses to tell Ross’s carer or support people where he is and will not give any reasons why.

I have made written complaint to both the Public Guardian and the Ombudsman.

I have complained in person to the Brisbane Manager of the Adult Guardian and to the Public Trustee.

None have responded or given reasons for their actions.

Please show your support for Ross by adding your name to this petition to the Public Guardian in the comments box below.

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland
Please instruct the Attorney-General to order the Public Guardian to advise Ross’s friends where he is so that they can visit him to make sure he is alright.

Please ask the Public Guardian to explain why Ross has been taken.

Your petitioners, therefore, request that the Public Guardian return Ross to his family home where he feels safe and secure in familiar surroundings.

We also request that the Public Trustee be ordered to investigate the fraud that has resulted in Ross losing his life savings and his family home.

Please note that it may be an offence under the Guardian and Administration Act 2000 to identify Ross.

Ian Curr
0407 687 016
18 October 2014


You Can Not Trust the Public Trustee! [48:55]

Video of meeting on 8 Dec 2011 between (can't be named because of Guardianship laws) with his friends and the Public Trustee and his officers.

Peter Carne, once partner in the legal firm Goss (ALP Premier), Downey and Carne permitted fraud to occur against forgotten people, the vulnerable, the old, the sick and the stolen generation.

In 2011, Peter Carne allowed West End Community Centre, AHIMSA house, to be sold for less that half market price.

Aboriginal leader, Sam Watson, made an offer on the building of market value ($2.5 approx) on behalf of the Aboriginal community. Ian Campbell for the Public Trustee QLD, promised to consider the bid.

AHIMSA house had been ripped off by fraudsters and its benefactor was declared by the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal to lack 'legal capacity'.

Yet AHIMSA house was sold for $970K to commercial interests.

At a result of this sale, the owner of the building is destitute and the aboriginal community lost out.

The incoming LNP government in QLD promised to get rid of Peter Carne but reneged. What deals were done to ensure Carne's survival?

Public Officers taking money from the vulnerable need to be held to account!

[34:34] Public Trustee, Peter Carne, says that he will make an urgent application to Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal (QCAT) and if anyone else wishes to be Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) they can.

[34:30] Deputy Public Trustee, Mark Crofton, advises Public Trustee, Peter Carne, to make an urgent application to QCAT regarding his administration.

[36:00] Peter Carne - 'I have legal advice and I will be acting on that advice'.

Mark Crofton (Deputy PTO and PTO's Solicitor) makes claim that he went after Hainal Ban, Logan Councillor, when it was the Public Guardian, Dianne Pendergast, who challenged the councillor's theft of money from a vulnerable old man.


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