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  • Disability pension recipients under scrutiny in proposed welfare overhaul
  • 25/02/2015 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Scrooge ( 1 article in 2015 )
Over half of the people receiving the Disability Support Pension could lose their payments under proposed changes to the welfare system.

A review to be released today by former Mission Australia chief Patrick McClure suggests tightening the eligibility for disability support and reducing 20 support payments into five, as well as reducing the number of 55 supplementary payments.

The review recommends five key payments, classified as tiered working age, supported living pension, an age pension, a child and youth payment and a carer payment.

The report also claimed that over 50 percent of scheme’s recipients have conditions that could improve over time, potentially rendering them fit to enter or re-enter the workforce at a later date.

“An individual may have a severe and permanent impairment, but this may not lead to permanent limitations on their capacity to work,” Mr McClure said.

The report suggests recipients should be assessed on the basis of how long they are unable to work, rather than the permanence of their disability, and should be categorised into three groups based on the severity of their situation.

The review, which also recommended simplifying childcare payments and income management, was ordered by the Abbott government in 2013 in a bid to simplify Australia’s $150 billion welfare system.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison is expected to address the report’s findings at the National Press Club today.


    By:dennis from vic, australia on February 25, 2015 @ 12:19 pm
    Im neither working, able to access govt support services, get disability or gain suitable employment, be listened to or find anyone in the DHS + Centrelink arena with a modicum of intelligence, despite being tossed from one govt agency to another for well over a decade with a public system purporting to help people, causing me way more harm than good.

    Then walks in Mr Morrison carving the fat of the bone according to some IMF bank masters report, doing whatever it takes, to get our figures in order according to the United Nations fuck the world over plan.

    Gee Scott and Tony, maybe you shouldn't have blown $58 billion dollars down the drain on some scungy fighter jets the US wanted to get rid off.... Ummm, up there for thinking corporate puppet morons, and down there for dancing.

    But in all seriousness, i think people like me have a better understanding than people like Scott Morrison + all the other pack of dickheads that preach on about stuff they have no real knowledge of.

    i put forward the motion that all the idiots in parliament get the arse + people like me start running the country attempting to throw some common sense and heart into this illustrious nation of ours, before it really goes down the toilet.

    i would be only too happy and honoured, and what's more i would seek a far less remuneration than Scott + his merry band of corporate wankers.

    First thing i would do is declare a "Let's wake up yearly holiday + campaign" so people can wake the f*ck up to what's really happening!!!

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