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  • By Ross Moodley
  • 27/03/2015 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Moses ( 11 articles in 2015 )
Be Grateful Today!
“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” – ST. AUGUSTINE.

Today marks exactly 49 days since my story broke in the SUNDAY TRIBUNE and too date, there has been no response from NEDBANK or its cronies????? (remember, only cowards hide behind silence).

NEDBANK lied in its response to the Press by claiming that they followed due process when liquidating our family owned transport business.

Section 433 (l) of the Companies Act South Africa imposes a positive duty on the judicial manager / business rescue practitioner (who was duly appointed by NEDBANK) once he forms an opinion that the continuation of the jm will not enable the Company to become a successful concern to apply to Court after NOT LESS THAT 14 DAYS NOTICE by registered post TO ALL MEMBERS AND CREDITORS of the Company for the cancellation of the jm order and the issue of an Order for the winding-up of the Company.

Among other transgressions and irregularities committed by NEDBANK and its cronies, being, gross abuse of power, perjury and being in contempt of Court, NEDBANK & its cronies FAILED TO COMPLY WITH SECTION 433(l) OF THE COMPANIES ACT.

NEDBANK has a campaign known as the “AskOnce” promise.

“AskOnce” is NEDBANK’s promise to its clients to deliver a world-class service, by ensuring that NEDBANK takes ownership and accountability for all of NEDBANK’s Clients’ requests. NEDBANK claims that the “AskOnce” commitment directly supports NEDBANK’s vision of becoming the most highly rated and respected bank by all its Stakeholders’ while NEDBANK continues to improve on being great at listening and taking the time to understand its Clients’ needs thereby enhancing their banking experience with NEDBANK.

NEDBANK commits that you only have to ask once as the person that you talk to will take the responsibility for ensuring that your request is solved. NEDBANK further promises to resolve the query and donate R50 to a NEDBANK approved charity.

I challenge all Stakeholders’ of NEDBANK to utilise the “AskOnce” program by asking NEDBANK for documentary proof that NEDBANK complied with Section 433(l) of the Companies Act South Africa when placing our family owned transport business in final liquidation.

I am placing 1 000 000 to 1 odds that NEDBANK will be unable to show documentary proof that NEDBANK followed due process when suspending business operations and placing our family owned transport business in final liquidation without compliance to the Law which has resulted in 120 dedicated employees suddenly losing their jobs, several Investors and other banks, viz. ABSA BANK, FIRSTRAND BANK & STANDARD BANK to accumulatively lose millions of Rands.

Imagine that, the smallest bank (NEDBANK) on the block situated on BRAND ROAD, through acting corruptly, has caused its main competitors / rivals, viz. ABSA BANK, FIRSTRAND BANK & STANDARD BANK to accumulatively lose Millions of Rands and its business as usual for NEDBANK ... Makes you think does’nt it?



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