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  • Council refuses to overturn parking fine despite driver's valid dashboard ticket
  • 10/11/2015 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Robert ( 1 article in 2015 )
AN OUTRAGED driver has been left reeling because a council is refusing to overturn a parking fine after a dashboard ticket was displayed the wrong way up.

Matthew, who declined to give his last name, received a $76 parking fine after purchasing a $8.10 ticket to park on Dorcas St, South Melbourne, in September, it was reported.

He provided evidence of the valid ticket to Port Phillip Council, but was told his “infringement notice has been issued correctly and will not be withdrawn”.

Matthew displayed the ticket on the dashboard of his car, but in doing so it unintentionally flipped upside down, a fact he did not dispute.

“I suspect it (the ticket) must have blown over when I shut the door,” Matthew told The Age.

“I took a photo of the legal ticket and emailed as requested with all of the required details.”

In a response, Matthew received a letter from the council on September 21, stating that “[the council] accepts you have provided a ticket purchased on 8/09/2015” and that the parking officer “confirmed a face down ticket was displayed”.

But the fine still stands.

Matthew was infuriated by the response.

He said the letter confirms the inspector saw a ticket, but couldn’t read it.

“I’m outraged. I mean if they are prepared to acknowledge I did the most important thing, as I do every other day, and gave them my $8.10 in coins, then it is appalling they will not overturn the fine,” he said.

Port Phillip mayor Amanda Stevens was unapologetic, saying drivers needed to ensure their paid parking ticket was “clearly displayed before leaving their vehicle”.

“Drivers must not only possess a valid ticket but must follow the instructions printed on the ticket to be in compliance,” she said.

“These instructions state the ticket must be placed on the passenger side of the dashboard with the expiry time visible from outside the vehicle.”

Cr Stevens said Matthew’s valid parking ticket was irrelevant to his appeal.

“Producing a ticket as part of an appeal does not warrant the withdrawal of the infringement notice for the reasons outlined on the ticket.”

He said he would not take any further action but hoped that by shedding light on the issue some common sense would be shown by the council.

“I am not sure what the court costs or taking additional action will cost financially and to be frank, my time is probably worth more than the bureaucrat that will attend on behalf of them,” Matthew said.


    By:Alex from Victoria, Australia on November 10, 2015 @ 8:18 pm
    Clearly, council parking ticket terms are unjust and unfair. Contract void. It's a lesson to all, do not CONTRACT with councils (corporations). ie. do not buy tickets of any sort, out of ignorance and fear. They have no legal title to the land you park on. You have all been hoodwinked, tricked! The meek shall inherit the Earth but only after they first blessed awake. Would you hire someone who would purposefully deceive you and be mischievous in their contracts? If so, look in the mirror for the one to blame. Not taking it further is a cop-out and poor form. He who fails to assert his rights has none.

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