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  • Contracting with Corporations and dealing with their financial demands
  • By William T
  • 21/01/2016 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: William T ( 1 article in 2016 )
With the corporate grab for cash on the rise, many people are struggling with huge pressures affecting both them and their ability to provide for their families with any degree of adequacy.

Complaints of unlawful, unfair, unjust and unequitable charges, fees, fines and rates from a host of Corporations, under the guise of some Government or authority, seem to pop up in conversation and bandied about more often these days.

So what does the normal layman do to understand and counter such a frenzy of corporate greed?

Well, first it maybe necessary to understand a Corporation is a dead entity, a piece of paper, a fiction that has absolutely no authority or power over you. To the contrary, you have power over it once you understand how to use it. After all, a living man is the ultimate authority and creator of such fictions.

Corporations include entities that you deal with on a regular basis such as Councils, Tolls, Police, Banks and Utility companies such as Electricity, Gas, Phone, Water and Phone.

Contracting with such faceless organisations is through common law and statutes. Give them Notice and be clear about the terms of any agreement you wish to enter into ensuring you include conditions that suit your requirements.

For those that make demands, ensure you conditionally accept to fulfill any lawful debt obligation upon proof of claim, including but not limited to, any bona fide contract.

Further, proffer your terms if the Corporation wants to contract. Clauses like $500 per document perused or drafted and $500 per hour for research. Be simple and clear with your terms. Be creative and content. If they don't like them they won't contract with you, or if they want too, ensure they will have to pay you a far greater sum than what they seek from you. Either way you win! As a safeguard to avoid entering into any form of contract be sure and add "Subject to Contract" in your correspondence.

    By:Michael from Vic, Australia on January 23, 2016 @ 11:16 am
    Any correspondence from the outset should allege FRAUD to which they have to prove to the contrary in addition to providing a bona fide contract before any payment can be made. Throw your terms in of $300/hr, among other charges, setting the foundation for any counter claim that may need to be pursued and see how quickly they choke. The only time one goes to court is to get paid, ie. get your claim that is far greater than theirs enforced. The more people that follow this simple approach, the quicker we can put these fraudster corporations back in their place!

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