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  • Commercial Liens under Uniform Commercial Code, International Law UCC 3-503 & 1-308
  • By Neelu Berry
  • 29/07/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: BigJoe ( 10 articles in 2016 )
16 OCT 2014 — Using Uniform Commercial Code (International Law) against Dishonouring persons, public departments, companies & countries like UK & USA

By defacing any man-made law document in red, diagonally, under Uniform Commercial Code, 3-503 & 1-308 you are stating that you do not wish to participate in a fraud or illegal contract with an individual or a bankrupt company or a bankrupt country (including public servants who are acting dishonourably).

Since 1930 Geneva Convention, all countries were declared bankrupt, to stop illegal trading so as to bring them under the Uniform Commercial Code to act with Honour. This was based on the principle of Admiralty or Maritime Law, that a dishonourable man, business or country acting dishonourably must cease trading and lose its residential and business assets as well as personal assets (and left to start honourable existence).

All man-made laws, legislations, enactments, court decisions relying on any other principles, such that businesses or countries are more important than humans are against God's laws, are Treason, fraud, based on perjury. All court decisions which go against a human in favour of a public servant or public authority (local authority or Central Government), NHS Trusts are subject to reparations and remedy since 1930...

If you have had a home repossessed in the last 84 years, you are entitled to your own home, free of charge as a child of God. No-one should be made to do menial jobs when advanced technologies are being suppressed by these Corporate Countries trading illegally. Once you know the whole thing is an illusion, incest of media, health, justice, education, Government, you can be free from all such deception by declaring the facts of the insolvency / bankruptcy. The Commercial Lien process under UCc 3-503, Notice of Dishonour, with Notarised affidavit of truth of dishonour, including the remedy you seek (minimum £5,000,000 for dishonour) unrebutted in 30 days, becomes law. The £5m is a deterrent or a reparation, it is not for profit.

The procedure for Notice of Dishonour and Notice of Cease & Desist is met if a formal complaint has been made over 30 days ago by telephone, letter, electronically or verbally in person. The failure to remedy the Notice of Dishonour given to an individual personally or on behalf of the company, public department or bankrupt Country like the UK (or USA) is a further Dishonour which can be subject to a second Commercial lien, a third, etc...hence the Biblical Leviticus, making it seven fold if unsettled in 30 days. The failure of the individual to act honourably can also subject him to a Commercial lien if he persists despite the warnings.

The definition of honour and dishonour is linked to the remedy you seek in your affidavit of truth of dishonour.

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