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  • Origins and Solutions to Judicial Corruptions
  • 31/07/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Paul ( 3 articles in 2016 )

Paul James THIS IS A MUST STUDY AND MUST SHARE! The American states united were over-thrown by CROWN / Zionists in around 1812 which started with moves to OVERTHROW our Organic law and money systems. Ignoring the 13th Amendment allowed CROWN agents to practice - their PRIVATE legal system in America (CROWN BAR Agents) which was the antithesis of our ORGANIC LAW FORM. Their first act after the war of 1812 was the obfuscation of the Organic 13th amendment to the Organic Constitution FOR The united states of America that barred anyone from serving in ANY American government office that held a title or pledge to a foreign power i.e. a still existing Organic law that bans ALL duel national citizens (most of which are Israel (Rothschildia), CFR, TLC, CROWN BAR, UN, IMF et al from serving in ANY Government office! Everyone in office TODAY is serving foreign interests and all offices are ran by the Crown BAR! Behold the gospel truth here! This woman knows her stuff. Take notes, this material herein presented will be a vibrant topic of discussion to the awakening in coming weeks. Check out all material on here channel! The states united ARE OCCUPIED by US Inc. successors owned and operated by enemies domestic serving the CROWN Triumvirate which includes - CROWN Corp of London, Holy Roman Empire, DC US Inc. military Industrial Complex and Rothschildia (Israel). US Inc. HAS NO LAWFUL JURISDICTION ON THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT NATION STATES or over the Sovereign American people! Does this not validate why Americans have been used as cannon fodder for the NWO for the last 200 years and to fund it! To engage in wars that have nothing to do with any American interest or interest of we the people and in absolute contravention of all of our own organic laws! The fact that this is out there is why the powers that were are trying to destroy America before the sleeping giant wakes up! US Inc v T. u. s. of A. (see link after main link).

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