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  • Westpac Fraud Case - NO Communication from Westpac
  • By Mick and Kaye Downer
  • 11/08/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Denise ( 1 article in 2016 )
Be Grateful Today!
My husband and I are pensioners, about to lose our home because greed, fraud and heartlessness at Westpac has thrown our life into financial chaos.

Five years ago we were close to owning our home, having worked our whole lives to pay it off, when we were spruiked by a property investor who convinced us to invest for our retirement.

We were talked into a financial strategy fraught with risk and yet were told this idea was totally "affordable". Instead, we were victims of predatory lending, with Westpac approving loans based on inflated incomes, completely unknown to us.

What has followed has become our day to day living nightmare. Predictably, due to age and health issues, my husband ceased work shortly after. We’ve been left with spiralling debt and Westpac threatening to reclaim our home to cover the costs.

What angers me the most is the system used to verify our loan has now been BANNED from use.

As long term Westpac customers we trusted Westpac to look after our financial needs - they had all of our financial records and were fully aware of what our repayment limits.

My husband and I appeared on the ABC Lateline show on 21 April 2016, after which Westpac said they would conduct a "full investigation into our case". Yet the bank is still ignoring us - saying we should seek legal advice instead.

Please sign & share - help stop Westpac leaving victims of banks fraud homeless.


10 AUG 2016 — A further letter was sent to Brian Hartzer, CEO of Westpac asking for a meeting to discuss our circumstance. To date Mr Hartzer has failed to respond to this letter. Following this we appeared on Today Tonight Perth. Westpac is still denying any wrongdoing.!!! I will keep you informed of any further developments and promise we will keep up the fight to prove what Westpac have done to us and thousands of others. We must stop this from happening to other families and protect our kids and grandkids.

My husband and I have been overwhelmed by your messages of support and encouragement and wish to thank each and every one of you for signing our petition. The amount of people who have said they will be be following our case closely and will be changing banks if there is no positive outcome has blown us away. I will keep you informed of any response and update you through this process. In the meantime could you please forward our petition on to your contacts so we can keep the numbers going.
Once again, thank you so much for your support.

Kaye & Mick Downer


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