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  • Melburnians owe $1 billion in unpaid CityLink and EastLink fines
  • 05/02/2016 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Andy ( 1 article in 2016 )
TOLL cheats have racked up almost $1 billion in unpaid fines as they enjoy a free ride on Victorian roads.

Department of Justice figures obtained by the Herald Sun show there are 3.67 million fines outstanding.

Motorists using City Link are the worst offenders with $616 million owed, while on EastLink the figure sits at $363 million.

The figures show taxi drivers owe almost $35 million from 129,563 fines — this is despite already slugging passengers for the toll cost.

The road rip off is expected to worsen with toll operator Transurban, which runs CityLink, securing the tolling rights for the planned $5.5 billion Western Distributor project and extending the CityLink tolls until at least 2045.

Authorities will ramp up operations to hunt down toll cheats.

Police, the Taxi Services Commission and the sheriff’s department will use GPS and numberplate recognition technology.

Drivers who fail to pay their fines can be arrested, stripped of their assets, have them sold and have their driver’s licence or registration suspended.

Cheats can also be prevented from renewing or transferring their registration and have their vehicle clamped.

The toll fine data includes all current outstanding infringements, orders and warrants and defendants who have entered payment plans.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Lucy Huppatz said paying tolls was not an option — if you use the roads, you must pay the fee.

“If a toll remains unpaid, it is lodged with Victoria Police and it will progress through the infringement cycle until it becomes a warrant,” she said.

Taxi Services Commission acting chief executive officer Adam Ockwell said the regulator expected drivers to pay their way.

CityLink spokeswoman Bridget Brady said motorists were sent multiple warnings to pay their tolls before enforcement action.


    By:geoff from victoria, aust on February 5, 2016 @ 12:36 pm
    Maybe this time next year unpaid tolls will have tripled, simply to get the message across that these charges are fraud.

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