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  • Notice: Who's controlling your world?
  • 20/08/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Julian ( 5 articles in 2016 )
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External Governing
Socialism without Capitalism = Communism
Capitalism without Socialism = Fascism
Ignorance without knowledge = Fear
Mind controlled + Fear + Apathy + Dependency = Slavery

Self Governing
Understanding You are Energy + the Value = Knowledge
Knowledge without ignorance = Power
Awareness + Power + Action = Creation + Freedom(ism)

Until people embrace Togetherness + release Separateness
Division will prevail = Being Conquered + Destructiveness (Spiritually,Emotionally+Physically)

Only the Sum of the Parts can ever Equal the Whole!

Self-determination + Self-actualisation will only ever come from being whole!

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