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  • Alienating unempathetic spiteful parent refuses child's request for equal time between both Parents
  • By Vincent Schiele
  • 10/02/2016 Make a Comment (3)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 16 articles in 2016 )
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Alienating unempathetic spiteful parent refuses child's request for equal time between both Parents
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Promoted within the community a single "mother" victim status, legal aid social assistance will pay, a second courier employment opportunities offer on the way out the door, Victim services (VICARS Sault assisting with another false domestic violence report) for the portrayed victim everything to get her back on track.

In all actuality a child abuser, and and most cases a narcissistic ex who you felt victim of who now makes it their first priority and agenda to move against the targeted parent upon separation. They are first to retain a family law lawyer to convince the Judge that she is a victim of domestic abuse to gain time to indoctrinate, alienate the child against the targeted parent and ultimately get a prized piece of paper labelling them SOLE or custodial PARENT, a status what is abusive in itself to any loving and capable parent.

The affidavits and court hearing briefs are written by the lawyer hired to utilize the Family Law Act as revenge for his/her failed relationship, the mutual children become now pawns to the abuser, belonging only to inflict misery against a targeted parent, dictating and stipulating when the targeted parent can and cannot visit their own child.

Parental Alienation is the ultimate hate crime. Children deserve to spend equal time with BOTH of Parents.Children have a natural right of life to love BOTH of their parents, accepting joy along with community in their special lives. Parental Alienation stripes young children of security, creates confusion and anxiety in the young mind of a child.

The following conversation occurred between young girl and alienating mother: "Mom, can I spend one week at your house and one week at my Dad's house?" Mom's response "NO" explanation to the little child, no encouragement towards the child's desire to be with her Father.

This abuse towards the child and father by the mother and maternal family has lasted 7 years, a devoted Father has experienced the most terrible hate from his ex, completely un-recognized by The any Canadian Court of Justice. The Father continually is deprived of his child, watches his child be emotionally and physically abuse by his ex, his words mean nothing to a small town Judge and corrupt Children's Aid Society CAS ALGOMA Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

Audio of 6 year old requesting to spend equal time with her mom and dad ((LINK BELOW))


    By:Rabecca Sanderson from OH, United States on October 31, 2016 @ 9:57 am
    Hi, I am an alienated parent a mother to be exact over four Years ago I found severe bruising on my oldest son while in the care of my bf at the time I freaked called cps and long story short cps blamed me with no proof and took away all three of my boys I have been in and out of court still no results the grandparents of my youngest have kept me from my son they moved to Texas when I live in Ohio and the father of my older two have tried to keep me from any more then 2 hours a week telling my kids that I am not their mother and so forth...
    By:Michael Andtews from Kansas, United states on August 10, 2016 @ 10:08 pm
    I am a loving father who only wants what fair for my child & myself, my son is keep from me most of the time & she trying to take more of my time. I am not heard in the court room, I have filed abuse charges with evidence, police report, doctor report & pictures but I was not heard.. GRRR I want to thank you all from you thrive to bring children back into father/mothers lives. I am will to help in anyway I can to succeed
    By:Dean Raugust from Alberta, Canada on July 30, 2016 @ 3:25 pm
    My 2 children were 5 and 8 at seperation.
    Now 13 and 18. Have had no time with 18 year old and he is now an adult filled with hate.
    The 13 year old has been ordered to spend some time during summer with me but needs specialized expert help.

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