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  • Consent Withdrawn
  • By Beth Hartshorn
  • 06/12/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Mick ( 8 articles in 2016 )
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We are losing good people and a good part of the world to live in.

While the banks make their lame excuses, the lieberals dither and distract, a few cross benchers throw the gauntlet to our Olympic gymnasts, the media largely turn their backs on us and the regulators try to figure out what to say while their pants are down, life gets tougher for those without recourse.

For most of us life was tough enough already, and things had to get really difficult for us to fall into these situations.

Then along came the banks with their dubious claims...

We knew something wasn't quite right, anyone with half a brain can see that the disparity between minimum income standards (if any) and cost of living is no accident or freak of money itself which cannot be resolved. If people controlling the money supply can get away with doing it so badly why are they all rich?! We can all feel it deep down when going to work and paying taxes (mostly to pay interest in national debt) etc.

In the end we all need a home - one over which WE hold dominion (not someone who invests for profit - and renting is really for tourists).

So we've all had to trust the bastards unless we were well off enough not to need their loans in the first place.

They've then hit us when we're down and bullied those of us who dared to question things.

They have NO idea!

Life can become unbearable quickly, and sometimes (as in my own case) you can be only a step or two away from getting back on your feet and they'll try to whisk the tablecloth out from under you.

So things were likely hard enough, and then they got worse, and then the bullseye landed on your forehead.

You might have topped yourself then and there if you hated your job enough, or couldn't do the job you loved anymore. Luckily like most battlers you're stronger than that if you are reading this now.

So you try to pull it together.

The next letter of demand soon fixes that. You're probably trying to cope with living on a drastically reduced income already, and you might have busted your arse for half a lifetime or more just to get to this point. All your work means nothing to the bank who play with fictitious numbers and pay themselves a fortune.

So you try to reason with them. You're not even talking to people of any humanity, just people reading from scripts and checklists who don't give a damn about you. Your pleas might work once or twice but unless you suddenly recover, score your dream job or win the lottery or inherit a fortune from some heretofore unknown and suddenly deceased great uncle, and then pull it all together nicely, next time they call they'll be telling you you're a goner.

That kicks ALL the wind right out of your guts. You're shattered beyond comprehension. If you don't give up at that point you're already an extraordinarily strong character. Problem is there is no guarantee. It's terrifying to wake up in the mornings after that.

You might waste some time and energy with FOS or ASIC, and you might be one of the lucky few paid a small amount to gag yourself. In most cases you'll end up even more disillusioned than before. The rhetoric of the system is now hollow and meaningless, even hurtful.

You might try a few other things and find support and slowly get back on top, but the chances of full recovery have become really slim by this point.

Days and weeks blend together, your mind feels like it playing tricks on you. Your capacity to deal with stress starts to vanish. You can't think properly a lot of the time. It takes many distractions and mental or emotional anchors just to function. Your comfort zone can shrink rapidly.

Anxiety and depression eat up most of your energy. Half the day is gone before you can function at all if you're lucky. You don't want to go out or talk to people, and you become lonely as well. You feel shame even when you know you shouldn't, because whatever you did right it's still happening to you and falling upon those close to you.

Hopelessness sets in. Sleep goes missing. Chores don't get done. Things break. Pets get sick. So much more of the income is gone to maintaining what is left. Problems become too hard to deal with. Your mind can fall apart on you when you need it most, or when you're needed. You fail more and more. It's excruciating and mentally crippling.

Interest and penalties bite deeper. Expenses overwhelm your income. Life becomes a struggle every day. Your mind eventually breaks. Then EVERYTHING becomes harder until one by one they become impossible. It can destroy the best years of your life, and it can reduce what remains.


People tell you to give up the fight. Bills and problems pile up. Everything becomes a reminder of the cruelties of life. Mental health and sanity deteriorate - exponentially. Those around you fortunate enough to be in better circumstances can seem to disappear as they move ahead.

Friends are less inclined to call. Support structures break down. Blame is misdirected out of ignorance. Self esteem becomes self doubt and self loathing. Alcohol and other dependencies escalate. Health is compromised. More money goes down the drain simply trying to cope. What took a day can take a month if you can do it at all. Grief becomes your constant companion. You start to forget what happiness felt like. You might even get really good at finding it in the little things, but the big things crush those to dust.

Problems flow on to those close to us. Sometimes it's just cleaning up what remains of a life destroyed, other times it's a long and arduous community effort of sorts just to rebuild a handful of lives. and through all of that the threat still hangs over most people whether successful or not - the idea of being displaced could stir a deep-rooted fear in anyone.

Ultimately the costs become immeasurable, many don't even make it and I'm sure plenty wish they hadn't.

And meanwhile our mindlessly over-competitive society slides deeper into the bank-greed driven insanity of it all, and the power differential grows ever more monstrous - until one day it may dictate the destiny of everyone.

Look around at the state of the world if you have any doubts.

Now the government add insult to injury with their denials and their inactions, fobbing us off like mere pests to be ignored and further exploited - while precious time ticks away for the most vulnerable.

What exactly do they expect us to do? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they'd love it if we all just dropped dead.

All power to those in the system who work to change these things, they know who they are.

The rest are happy to inflict all of the above and worse on everyone.

I think it's about time they answered for that. I think it should happen before even ONE more life is slowly torn to shreds in this manner.


Prime Minister: if you can't take the ONE simple necessary step to address the root cause of all of this suffering then just get out of the way for somebody who can! You come across as intelligent and affable - even compassionate at times - but your inaction is KILLING PEOPLE, and THAT will be your legacy.

Do something significant about it for a change, or resign and go back to your tax free banking business and 10 star retirement plan.

Our LAND should not be one of opportunity for banking elites to get richer and the rest of us become dirt poor and homeless.

Australia has changed and must be fixed for the better with fairness and opportunity for everyone.


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