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  • Cash Protects Some Fundamental Rights
  • By Peter Brandson
  • Bank Reform Now
  • 18/12/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Mick ( 8 articles in 2016 )
From 14 May 2016

Cashless Economy Has Some Nasty Intended Consequences

Are you happy to give up your rights to privacy and property? The modern world seems to be forcing us to accept that these rights are goners. Maybe we need to take a closer look at how the push for a cashless economy could have some nasty (and intended) consequences.

If you believe pollies are honest and looking after your best interests at all times then you might find the following material disturbing. We have seen evidence that suggests politicians are more concerned with the trappings of power and influence. They actually seem very committed to maintaining a system that is used by the corporate and banking elite to steal the wealth of individuals and nations.

Cash in your pocket, or buried in your backyard, is your property. If someone takes it without your permission it is referred to as stealing ...... a crime. Your money in your bank account is not treated the same as cash. Even now bankers can make unauthorised deductions and transfers - as can the government. Just imagine if there was no cash. All your "money" - just digits in a computer - controlled by bankers.

Every transaction you make logged and stored to be used and exploited by bankers and corporate players. You exist to be sold to. You exist to be controlled. You exist to be exploited from cradle to grave. The ideal citizen in this world consumes ... in silence ..... until the bitter end.

This is how slaves live. Their masters knowing exactly what they are doing; what they are consuming; how much they cost; how much they bring in; how much "trouble" they cause. Is that freedom? Is that a life?

BRN believes that there is a financial crisis brewing. There is talk of the US dollar crashing; property bubbles bursting; and even negative interest rates.

When the crash happens and governments use as much taxpayer money as they can to bail-out bankers it will not be enough. Next they will use the brand new January 2016 bail-in laws to take your bank deposits ...... your money - in your bank.

What else does a cashless society enable? Negative interest rates ..... with sharp teeth. With cash you can take it from the bank and your money maintains its value. With no cash - if you leave it in the bank it will lose value every day. That's how you can be forced to spend it .... and boost corporate earnings.

So how can you get the convenience of electronic transactions with the respect for privacy and property you deserve as a citizen of a free country? Well bitcoin may rise to the occasion but meanwhile how about a couple of simple ideas.

1. Money in your bank account cannot be withdrawn or transferred anywhere by anyone - including bankers and governments - without your authorisation.

2. When you purchase electronically no-one can see an unencrypted record of any transactions without your permission. So if you review your monthly statement and find a problem you can enable the bank to review that particular transaction.

Of course in the current political environment with threats everywhere people might argue that the government that cares so deeply about your well being should be able to stick its benevolent nose into all your private business. That threatening environment is being used to steal freedoms and rights from citizens of the West. The threats can be neutralised without rights being decimated. The BRN program goes a long way to doing just that. We can't wait to present it to you. Hopefully we can do that before your right to protest is also gone.

We have an election coming up and we don't have faith in either major party. The BRN approach is to develop a reform program and use mass action to force whichever party wins to take the action that you demand. So for example - we want a Royal Commission. It is on the ALP's agenda already but we want it done properly ..... and we want the Libs to commit to it too. With your help we will make it a key election issue.

Join in. Spread the word and help others jump on board. We will succeed if we work together. If you can pitch in and help us with advertising costs today it would be much appreciated - Direct Deposit to our IMB Account -
Bank Reform Now
BSB 641 800
Account No. 200699525

Inspiration for today's post: ATM Use Declining As Bankers Move To Terminate Cash (and set the scene for negative interest rates) - See here

Websites For More Information:
CommSec analysis shows ATM use declining as shoppers shift to cashless


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