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  • The real battle has always been - Freedom Vs Slavery
  • By Peter Brandson
  • Bank Reform Now
  • 18/12/2016 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Mick ( 8 articles in 2016 )
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Banks are pushing hard for the removal of the $100 note. Here's the real reason.

The latest push for a cashless economy illustrates how we are being lied to and manipulated every day. It is done through an unholy alliance between corporate financial interests and their cronies in media and government.

They use the old 1 - 2 - 3 punch routine. Problem - Reaction - Solution.

First, public opinion is softened up with carefully placed stories at opportune times. The idea is to plant the seed that some "problem" exists and it is just begging for some fixing. People are then prodded toward a desired "reaction." Ideally to demand that a trustworthy politician takes swift and effective action. The preferred "solution" is of course predetermined and in fact may only be loosely related to the "problem." The behind scenes manipulators just need to make their "solution" look reasonable ...... and perhaps even inevitable to the public.

"Any crisis - whether genuine or manufactured - will be used by unscrupulous politicians and interest groups to progress an agenda that is against the best interests of the people" - Brandson's Law

Bankers have long wanted a cashless economy

The battle has now escalated with a serious worldwide co-ordinated attack. On 28.11.16 The Australian Financial Review and The Guardian reported that two banks - HSBC and UBS - had advocated the removal of high-denomination banknotes from circulation. They said Australia could remove larger-denomination notes because of increasing reliance on digital transactions. They and other entities talk about banknotes facilitating the "problem" of welfare and tax fraud. “We believe removing large denomination notes in Australia would be good for the economy and good for the banks,” the report said.

Let's ignore for now that HSBC is one of the crookedest of banks with involvement in drug trafficking, money laundering, tax evasion and terrorist funding.

How about this as a coincidence? On 14.12.16 - the Turnbull government is reported to be considering a ban on the $100 note and a crackdown on all but small cash payments as part of an assault on the cash economy to be unveiled in the mid-year budget update. Mr Turnbull is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and the minister in charge of this brilliant, agile, innovative and fresh idea from the government is Financial Services Minister Kellie O'Dwyer - ex-NAB.

India suddenly banned high denomination notes for similar reasons in November and caused widespread disruption, forcing millions of people to queue outside banks to change small amounts of old money for the new legal tender. The same story is happening right now in Europe with moves to axe the 500 Euro bill. The head of the European Central Bank is Mario Draghi - also ex-Goldman Sachs.

Bit by bit your freedoms and rights are being stolen. To live in freedom - property rights are crucial. Without them you are a serf at the mercy of your masters. Do you want bankers and pollies to rule you? If you live in genuine freedom and democracy then banks exist to provide a simple service that assists you with trade ..... that is all. And politicians exist to serve you as your representatives in government. Does that sound like how we are living?

Right now bankers can make unauthorised deductions and transfers from your bank accounts - as can the government. Just imagine if there was no cash. All your "money" - just digits in a computer - controlled by bankers.

Every transaction logged and stored by bankers and corporate players who don't aim to serve you but rather ....... exploit you. In this type of world you exist to be sold to. You exist to be controlled.

This is how slaves live. Their masters knowing exactly what they are doing; what they are consuming; how much they cost; how much they bring in; how much "trouble" they cause. Is that freedom? Is that a life?

When the next crash happens and governments use as much taxpayer money as they can to bail-out bankers it will not be enough. Then they will use the January 2016 bail-in laws to enable the banks to take (steal) your bank deposits ...... your money - from your bank account.

What else does a cashless society enable? Negative interest rates ..... with sharp teeth. With cash you can take it from the bank and your money maintains its value. With no cash - if you leave it in the bank it will lose value every day. That's how you can be forced to spend it .... and boost corporate earnings.

I don't trust the banks or the government to run a cashless economy. Core reforms to banking and finance are desperately needed first. A Sovereign Monetary system must be carefully investigated as part of a Royal Commission. Some stepping stones toward reform can be implemented right now and would give us some protection. We support the reintroduction of Glass Steagall type laws to separate casino/crooked banking from normal financial services that serve the community. We also advocate trying to make cashless / digital services more respectful of property rights and privacy.

So how can you get the convenience of electronic transactions with the respect for privacy and property you deserve as a citizen of a free country? Well bitcoin may rise to the occasion but meanwhile these two points would help.

1. Money in your bank account cannot be withdrawn or transferred anywhere by anyone - including bankers and governments - without your authorisation. It's your property .... right?

2. When you purchase electronically no-one can see an unencrypted record of any transactions without your permission. So if you review your monthly statement and find a problem you can enable the bank to review that particular transaction.

It is crucial to understand that there is no shortage of money to fund the services and infrastructure we require. The tax system is transferring your wealth to a crime ring masquerading as a "financial services sector." The pensioner who works a few hours to get some cash to help him live is not the criminal that requires an urgent government "reaction." The criminals have been siphoning the pensioner's assets for decades one way or another. The powerful prefer people to be dependent on a rationed wage, benefit or service. That way they can takes as much as possible while leaving the victim with the least possible amount. Some people work very hard in business, farming or a profession and - often with some additional good fortune - manage to save for a better retirement but the system is stacked against most people achieving that outcome. It does not have to be so hard.

The finance sector is getting far too big a share of the nation's wealth - often by criminal and unconscionable means. By 2015 more than 23% of gross corporate incomes were going to the finance sector (compared to 5% in 1981). The parasitical way the sector functions will continue to decimate the middle class, lead to rising unemployment & underemployment, less job security, worsening inequality, continuing boom-bust cycling, increasing government debt and all the societal ills that are exacerbated by pressures people face trying to make ends meet while trying to balance work and family. That's right - the pathological society that has been created does not suit human beings. It is in large part responsible for problems like: drug & alcohol abuse, domestic violence, divorce, mental illnesses such as anxiety & depression, suicide, even much petty criminal activity is a response to the difficulty most people have getting a fair go. The petty crooks swell our jails. The big crooks rule the world and drive our countries into unsustainable debt. The banking cartel forced into existence the US Federal Reserve system and the Income Tax in 1913. Debt and taxes have ever since existed as tools of subjugation and weapons of mass exploitation.

In Australia right now our net government debt is 18.9% of GDP - in 09-10 it was 3.3%. The interest payments on the debt are $13 billion per year. Your taxes are diverted in large part to foreign bankers and arms manufacturers. Debt and war is big business folks. If there was a genuine desire in the political class to help create a better way of living for more of us don't you think they would have sorted something out by now? Rather than worrying about the pensioner with a few thousand bucks under his mattress maybe the pollies could look at decreasing the amount of your and your country's money that is being transferred to the perpetual debt & war machines.

In the US Trump's election was the last cry for help from a middle class that has stagnated and shrunk over the last 40 years. Phony "globalisation" trade deals and GDP rises do not help most of these people. The same will happen in Australia. The BRN reform agenda covers these concerning issues and more details will be announced as our campaign intensifies. The battle for a just society must start with bank reform .... but the real battle is much greater.

Freedom Vs Slavery - the real battle remains a taboo topic

The power brokers like you to be confused, distracted and frightened. They prefer us to fight among ourselves over diversionary issues. They like us divided: Left/Right, Man/Woman, Gay/Straight, Liberal/Labor, Republican/Democrat, Worker/Boss, Black/White, Christian/Muslim. We are all human beings trying to look after ourselves and our family in a world which has been distorted to suit elite interests.

We must opt out of the narrative we are being fed continuously. The only battle that is relevant to us is Freedom Vs Slavery. We are being ruled and it does not matter if it is corporate interests or a political thug doing the ruling. The political thugs and corporate criminals are only serving the interests of extremely powerful and corrupt groupings involving religion, royalty, politics and finance. These people and families never appear on business and celebrity "Rich Lists." Their financial interests span property and corporate holdings which dwarf the bulk of rich-listers.

It is also crucial to realise that societal structures that pretend to serve democracy and justice are actually just a cover to make it appear that we have freedom, democracy and justice. Choosing between two parties with almost identical policies every three years has corrupted our "democracy." The Judicial system functions to make justice unattainable and unaffordable for the vast bulk of us. The Courts generally support the interests of the elite. The media and education system deliberately misinforms us and keeps the real issues out of sight. Government works in the interests of the elite .... regardless whether it is of the "left" or "right." Any government that is prepared to abuse its powers and position while working against the people's interests will do. The more corrupt and authoritarian it is the better.

Fortunately the people have the real power. The first signs of them using it is the shunning of business as usual politics. Media propaganda and its ability to protect the status quo is fading rapidly. The government is extremely worried that we will withdraw consent. Once a mass movement arises there will be many options available to us to fight for our rights. First we can throw out ministers that treat us with contempt. If the government does not represent you they have no right to tax you. If a politician has an allegiance to foreign interests our Constitution already makes them ineligible to serve. We have lots of options. We just need to work hard and smart together to reassert our freedoms, rights and Sovereignty.

Bank Reform Now has plans. Join in with us. Share our material in as many ways as you can to relevant and interested sites. Facebook, Blogs, News Media, Forums. It has always been a two way street. You help us - we will help you. You run hard - we'll run with you. You contribute - we'll pump up the pool available to help bank victims. Government sees your commitment - politicians will be forced to take bank reform seriously. We want more new registered members than the memberships of all the political parties combined.

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