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  • IRS Audit: Family Court Reporters, Clerks, Lawyers & Judges Could Be Charged With Fraud or Tax Evasion by Cheating Uncle Sam
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​ANSWER: Maybe a great deal where the IRS is concerned.

​See California's Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers - How many caused by family courts?

Public outrage over escalating fees and costs in family law cases, coupled with judges and lawyers singing joyfully about those fees last December, may be contributing to an increase in complaints against individuals who work in the county's family courts, where many earn huge salaries and kickbacks while others have to go on strike just to make a living wage.

A privileged few in the family court arena now make in excess of $10,000,000 a year, with court reporters, in some counties making as much as $500,000 a year, most of which is not reported to the IRS.

​Insiders and whistleblowers are beginning to point to just how the family law community has managed to allow some to enrich themselves from community property and money that should be used for child support, while others are left with huge tax burdens that can leave them crippled for life.

​Since 2012 California's Court Reporters Board has known that court reporters appear to be at the center of family law fraud and tax evasion issues. The Board's website even warns reporters they could lose their licenses for playing fast and loose with Uncle Sam. Yet, little has been done to correct the problem and some individual transcriptionists manage to walk away with not only hefty family court reporting fees, paid by the county, but as much as $5,000 more a week, taken from law firms they offer "preferred service " , or from pro per litigants , whom they demand pay in cash or money orders , too hard to trace to the IRS.

​Frustrated that complaints to the Commission on Judicial Performance and the State Bar have failed to address the judicial and attorney misconduct that serves to financially break so many Californians, many are turning in the people who surround the judges and lawyers , and filing complaints with the IRS, where Whistleblower awards can be as high as 15-30%,.

​A Santa Clara County CPA, whom wished to remain anonymous, had this to say:

​ "These family court judges and lawyers are bleeding our clients by stringing out divorce and probate cases for 5-10 years. Year after year we must deal with trying to decide what is community and what is separate property for tax reporting purposes. At the same time our clients in law firms are clueless about their taxes. Many family lawyers charge off expenses they shouldn't or conceal cash payments paid to experts they don't want in their case records. Attorneys also fail to report cash they pay a crony network as clients are really suffering as cases drag on forever, with only lawyer and court staff being paid.

Forensic accountants are making 10 times what couples pay their regular accountants and the sloppy work these court appointed CPAs do appear more to conform with old cronyism that GAAP practices, leaving us much more work for us to ensure our clients aren't in trouble with the IRS.

​Divorces used to be sad and tough for a year or two , costing the middle class couple $30,000 dollars or so. Today we are seeing the same middle class divorces spending millions on lawyers and a huge range of experts we don't even know how to address for tax purposes. California real properties and businesses appear to be fuelling the divorce wars where a select few walk away with it all, and the people they are supposedly working for are left with nothing but the tax bill. It really makes one wonder what the judges are doing in these courts. It really is pure evil and not sustainable. "

​IRS Whistleblower complaints may change some of the battle. . If you have financial information on a law firm, lawyer, custody expert , realtor , CPA , court transcriptionist , bailiff , of even judge that you can't get addressed through other complaints, contact us for help at:, or use the IRS form to start here.


    By:Bob from California, Sacramento on October 18, 2017 @ 1:18 pm
    Institutionalized fraud, corruption, collusion, obstruction of justice, and racketeering! It will end, when we end it or them!
    By:f4joz_mobile from NY, USA on August 3, 2017 @ 12:12 am
    I have been dealing with corrupt judges and lawyers for over 10 years. I have written proof of corruption, Racketeering and nepotism. The corrupt judges protect my ex wife, who is brainwashing my kids, even had daughter slap me in the face, throw herself on ground and try to say I threw her down. The judge made me pay ex wife's attorney fees and lawyer tried to inflate these fees to $4000 for a couple hours of work(have written proof)

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