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  • Australia: The lunatics have take over the asylum
  • By Camilla Gulli, Editor/ Mike Buchanan
  • Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them).
  • 21/03/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
Fair Work Australia identified that inflexible organisation structures restrict prospects for workers, as family and/or carer obligations are perceived as a potential workplace disrupter. [In plain English, ‘Organizations should adapt to the wants and needs of their female workers, not vice versa’.]

Women are more likely than men to work part-time (or flexibly), where they encounter an additional pay gap at an hourly rate between full and part-time workers. [So part-time female workers earn, on average, more than part-time male workers, as in the UK. This is a problem for men, clearly, but it’s not one that requires a solution.]

Vodafone Australia offers a range of flexible working options including out of office days, [that must help organizational efficiency] flexible hours, and a maternity leave program that allows 16 weeks fully paid leave, plus 30 hour weeks on full-time pay (for the first six months upon return).

The program also includes up to 10 additional days of paid leave per year for employees experiencing domestic violence. [I think this means ‘claiming to experience domestic violence, to get two weeks extra holiday’. But if they’re telling the truth, they’ll presumably spend more time with their partners, and thereby be exposed to more violence. Brilliant.]

My brain hurts. From near the end of the piece:

Closing the gender pay gap requires businesses to think of their employees first and foremost, [not their customers, then, or their shareholders?] to take direct action, and to challenge the status quo of a desirable work environment. [Desirable for the female workers, anyway, who don’t want to work full-time]

But if the data tells us anything, the result is a fairer, more productive, and ultimately more effective workforce. [The data doesn’t tell us that – if it did, a logical conclusion would be that all employees should work part-time.]


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