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  • Minister Peter Dutton, Australia is not a Safe Haven for Crimes against children
  • By Kisha Mountney Mackay, Australia
  • (Petition)
  • 28/03/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
I am seeking Justice for two attempts on my life and the accused is a Filipino who is taking refuge in Australia on a Visa to hide from her crimes. Two (2) Warrants have been issued in the Philippines for two (2) counts of Attempted Murder. The accused fled to Australia after Sexually Abusing a child in the Philippines to avoid prosecution, and a Warrant for Child Sexual Abuse is also expected within weeks.

Since the second attempt on my life I have suffered traumatic nightmares every night and I need Justice. Under Section 501 (Character Test) of the Australian Migration Act the accused should have had her Visa cancelled.

Minister Dutton you recently said, Quote: "I want to concentrate very closely on child sex offenders and people that have committed offences against children... If I do nothing else in my time in parliament, I'd be very proud of just that,"

Minister Dutton, Australia should not be a refuge for Wanted people to hide from crimes against children. We are waiting for you to act on child sex offenders and people that have committed offences against children. You can start with my Case which involves Child Sexual Abuse and Attempted Murder of a child, protect the Australian community and give us Justice.

Name of Accused withheld so she does not get my petition deleted again!

This petition will be delivered to:
Australian Immigration Minister
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
Assistant Immigration Minister Australia
Hon Alex Hawke

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