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  • @portholejustice ~ Porthole to Justice
  • By Amelia Duran‎Porthole To Justice Est. 2014
  • Porthole to Justice
  • 21/10/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 77 articles in 2017 )
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Welcome new friends to,
The Porthole To Justice "Window to the truth"
This a open forum for mothers and fathers warriors fighting the injustice system for their children. To create public awareness,
openly write, post photos and share information about navigating the court system. To bring to light the court corruption and targeting. This group is for the people that recognize that CPS commits crimes as an operational functioning tool box , and we would like to end the practice of CPS crimes .
We gather in this group to discuss ,uncover ,document and share evidence of Child Welfare related crimes committed by the professionals that are paid to protect our children, as we strive to bring these Monsters to justice.
I encourage members to study the following list of tactics that other members have employed in the past to help protect their families from CPS related crimes. We encourage conscious uncoupling and to avoid engaging with the court corrupted enemies. That are profiting from the pain of others.
No advice can be given as solid wisdom concerning CPS and the courts , as no clear path leads to the certain return of our children. But I encourage all to file and evidence of malicious prosecution, malfeasance, fraud and extortion to the IRS
Some things that may be useful to do :
1 , Audio and video record as much as possible , You can never have enough proof .
2. Obtain all cps records ...not just court records , but CPS database records on you and your family. You can access more information by filling a FIOA "Freedom of Information Act"
Although it's a no brainier that CPS records would be entered into the court case , this almost never happens ,and your lawyer probably will not make you aware that the records exist. Public defenders routinely violate California Brady disclosure laws and withhold evidence during trial.
3. Set up an email account strictly for you and your Cps case. To communicate by email as your primary if not sole communication tool .
Email is forever and time stamped.
All workers have email addresses and your choice of communications should be upheld .
Do it .
4. Pray and Pour over your case , obsess and find all erroneous information provided to the court by CPS and others and write a statement of facts of your own correcting the falsehoods .
Once that is entered in ,it is facts on the record, you may not be afforded another opportunity.
5. Remember that trying to make sense out of the states logic is a futile effort , it's a kidnapping scheme and everything they say is an excuse to hide that fact .
6.) Use the K.I.S.S rule always, Keep it simple stupid. As most all state employees are compartmentalized and are trained to complicate convolute cases, and then it's called, "INCOMPETENCE" so that the courts use it to profit.
Assert your rights , but make sure of your information source .
Let's do it to it!!
Warmly, your host Amelia Duran
Hi Friends, Welcome to "Porthole to Justice" The window to the truth,
Im doing this for the parents and children.

The books I post here are friends and authors that helped me during my own case with Cps.

My goal is to provide real resources to parents that are going through the system. To help them to navigate translate the court process in layman terms. Provide a platform to educate the public on what is occurring in our justice system and child protective services. With a focus on exposing targeted protective parents for profit. Corruption and Fraud on the court. We are not a pro mothers or pro fathers group. Targeting for the profit of the courts is not isolated to either gender. We educate on the abuse of plenary of authority or abuse of power from the bench.
We promote due process in children and family courts.

Plenary means characterized by being full and complete in every respect. For example, a plenary trial is a full trial of all the issues, factual and legal. Sometimes when a case is heard on appeal, the hearing is limited to only questions of law. However, an appellate judge may order the case to be sent back to the trial court to be heard again from scratch in a plenary trial. in reference to a legislative session, it refers to being attended or meant to be attended by every member or delegate. Plenary authority refers to the complete power of a governing body.

Plenary is also used to denote complete control in other circumstances, as in plenary authority over public funds, as opposed to limited authority over funds that are encumbered as collateral or by a legal claim. The plenary power of the U.S. Congress, or of other sovereign nations, allow them to pass laws, levy taxes, wage wars and hold in custody those who offend against their laws.

For example, in immigration law, Congress, under the Plenary Power Doctrine, has the power to make immigration policy free from judicial review. This doctrine was established at the end of the nineteenth century, when the Supreme Court declared that Congress had "plenary power" to regulate immigration, Indian tribes, and newly acquired territories. The doctrine is based on the concept that immigration is a question of national sovereignty, relating to a nation's right to define its own borders. Courts generally refrain from interfering in immigration matters. To date there have been no successful challenges to federal legislation that refuses admission to classes of non-citizens or removes resident aliens.


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