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  • By Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn
  • 22/10/2017 Make a Comment
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BUILT BY THE FRIENDS OF DONALD TENN Activist, Agitator, Antagonist, Firebrand, Advocate for Children's Human Rights
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Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist
Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn
The United Kingdom is recognized as the 3rd best overall country in the world. The United Kingdom is also recognized as being a highly developed nation with considerable international economic, political, scientific and cultural influence. The United Kingdom is also recognized as having some of the best universities in the world, Oxford, The Imperial College and Cambridge to name a few. In fact, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee actually invented the World Wide Web.

With all of that being said, one would believe that a country such as this would believe in and work towards maintaining a strong family unit but sadly, quite the opposite is true. The family laws within the United Kingdom are recognized as being the absolute worst in the entire so-called Western civilized society and I concur. Here are some of the statistics on Family Law in the United Kingdom:

1. There are 2 million single parents with dependent children. Women account for 91% of these single parents with dependent children. (Office for National Statistics)

2. More than 1 million children in the United Kingdom have no contact with their father. (The Centre For Social Justice)

3. Even when a father has parental responsibility, he is not necessarily granted the right to contact with the child. He is, however, responsible for maintenance or child support payments (Daddy Tax). (Gov.UK)

4. Between 75% and 86% of all contact applicants come from fathers. (University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Social Work)

5. Mothers automatically have parental responsibility for all of their children from birth. Fathers must either be married to the child’s mother, be listed on the birth certificate, or sign a parental responsibility application form (which can only be completed with the mother’s consent). (Gov.UK)

It was in fact, Sir Paul Coleridge who stated, “the UK was ‘considered the country with the worst family rights in the world’.” Sir Paul further stated, “‘It is time that politicians of all parties addressed this most important subject.” and “recent statistics showed that almost half of 13-to-15-year-olds living in the UK did not live with both parents and that a disproportionate number of those cases arose when the parents were unmarried.”

In case you were not aware, or do not recall our previous posts on Sir Paul Coleridge, Sir Paul resigned as a family High Court judge in 2014 in order to promote his charity after becoming increasingly disillusioned by the number of family breakdowns that were appearing before him in court.

So now we have additional facts which I believe also correlate with the high suicide rate in the United Kingdom, but, what are we going to do? Are we going to continue to talk about how terrible this situation is? Or are we going to swiftly move towards a resolve not only in the the United Kingdom but throughout our so-called Western Civilized World? It is time for a change and another day of talk is another day wasted, another father commits suicide, another child becomes fatherless and another breakdown in our society. NO! We must not waste even one more day of talk, we must demand a change right now today!

Our office has requested a meeting with Sir James Munby and now we are going to request the same with Sir Paul Coleridge. We have put together an International team and we are ready and willing to travel to the United Kingdom and begin immediate discussions on a resolve, a resolution with the true best interest of our children in mind, their right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents.

Donald Tenn
Alienated father of Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole Tenn

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