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  • Australia's Attorney General Surreptitiously Avoids Addressing Family Courts' Corruption by "Reform"
  • By Jack & Jill Sanders
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  • 05/12/2017 Make a Comment
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5 DEC 2017 — For at least 20 years victims of Family Courts in Australia and other parts of the world have spoken about and warned the authorities of dangerously high levels of corruption at all levels of Divorce Corp.'s Operations.

Victims of Family Courts have raised, loud and clear, that the unconstitutional total protection put in place for Divorce Corp's Operatives against legal prosecution, directly harms children and destroys families and parents.

The evidence for the victims' plight is overwhelming. The politicians, the Family Court Judges and other judges know this. Politicing in Australia is causing further deaths and devastation of victims of Family Courts.

Reform to Laws will not get rid of the corruption and the corrupt culture and conduct of Family Courts operatives. It will only allow further crimes in the name of "Best Interest of Children" committed in these Courts.

Other than a full independent Royal Commission into Family Courts, nothing will be changed and it will only get worst in Family Courts.

The Attorney General of Australia is protecting the endemic corruption, fraud, racketeering, child abuse, parental abuse, cronyism, collusion and crimes against humanity in Family Courts.

The Attorney General, by covertly calling a "Reform" into laws that are not responsible for corrupt conduct of Family Courts' Operatives, prolongs crimes against humanity in Family Courts.

The Attorney General of Australia avoids a full fledged Parliamentary sanctioned Investigation into Family Courts even though he has ample evidence before him that necessitates Criminal Investigation into Family Courts.

The only way is a Royal Commission in Australia to shed light on the dark Family Courts.

Geore Brandis moves to repair damaged family law system

by Renee Viellaris
Courier Mail 5 December 2017

BROKEN families fighting for custody of their children will be able to avoid lawyers and judges, in a trial that could lead to the biggest overhaul of the defective family law system in 40 years.

After being told he could not pursue the reforms under the Abbott government, Attorney-General George Brandis is now moving to repair the system, which is under serious strain.

High divorce and separation rates mean Australians interact with the family law system than any other area of law.

In an exclusive interview with The Courier-Mail, Senator Brandis said “children should not be treated the same way as property”. Senator Brandis said he wanted to dramatically reform the system that he said was geared towards conflict.

Legislation will be introduced into Parliament on Wednesday, with the pilot program to start in July next year. The program will encourage self-litigants to bypass the Family Law Court and engage with mediators and social service providers.

Senator Brandis tried to put the reform on the agenda under the Abbott government but the plan was rejected.

He said it was taking too long for families to resolve custody issues, which inflamed the bitter tug-of-wars between parents.

Senator Brandis said drug abuse, violence, mental illness and the emergence of problem gambling contributed to family breakdowns. Therefore, he wanted to trial “wraparound” services for parents, to make it easier to resolve conflict.

It could mean that parents negotiating over child custody could be linked to housing support, if one parent does not live in appropriate housing for child visits; or be offered drug and alcohol support for addiction, or services for mental health problems.

“The breakdown of a relationship, entered into with love, joy and hope, is usually the most difficult and challenging times for those involved,’’ Senator Brandis said.

“Where possible, we need to move people away from the current system, which can entrench conflict and blame by positioning parents as adversaries, cross-examining each other, and often over prolonged periods with enduring conflict the result.

“This is unhealthy and unhelpful for separating couples and it has a terrible, even damaging, impact on children.

“The Government is investing $12.7 million to pilot Parenting Management Hearings, a new non-adversarial alternative to court processes for resolving less complex family law disputes. “This will provide quicker, cheaper and less confrontational arrangements for separating families. Importantly, it will also link parents to key support services if needed to minimise the intensity of any conflict and better support families and children,” he said.

“I have initiated the first comprehensive review of the family law system since the commencement of the Family Law Act in 1976 to pave the way for reforms that better meet the needs of modern families.”

Parenting Management Hearings, run over four years, will start in Parramatta. A second trial location, which could be Queensland, has not been announced.

An exhaustive report from the Law Reform Commission into the Family Law Act is due in 2019.

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