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  • By Romley Stewart
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  • 22/12/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Jude ( 1 article in 2017 )
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My Common Law Mini Dictionary at has for years verified the trickery of the true meaning of words and what words to use. Clearly a 'Name' is not expressly a "Surname" and there is a difference between a 'Named' & 'Called'.

The last case being found guilty at the court and on Appeal at the Royal Courts of Appeal ; received a letter stating that 'Sorry the case was defective' meaning end of Case.

Another note "Supreme Court" in any Country, is like saying a 'Vatican Court' and interesting to know is the only Court having a Church within it and Judges don't have silly Titles like Magistrate, Master or District Judge.

'No Title' is a total problem for Courts as this was evidence of the Surname or Slave Name and Ownership (Liability). Those who know the Bible will know 'they' can't 'trip you up' once it's clear who and what you are.

So I agree with this mostly and is at my Court experience and belief correct.

Peace my friends,

Justinian Deception
3 months ago (edited)
Good men always fight for justice and fairness and their system has nothing to do with such honourable things. I have not been in the prison itself yet even though I just plead guilty to everything, (Just many nights in the watch house, to me that is torture) the Magistrates sometimes do know that people are making a stand against tyrannical foreign corporate administration. The only power they have can only be exercised over their own members or account holders of their own governing administrative entity and this fact is what I am attempting to explain to the People of Australia. When Whitlam sold us off to the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, no one was ever told even though its all in public view. Police didn't know and when I raised this point with Magistrate Comens at the end of 2016 court matter relating to false charges (No court file number again) by head of CIB: McLeish, even Comens, looked at me in the look of: SHHHHHHH!!!, as he looked at me over his half glasses .. he needed silence!!!! ... The police in the room were confused because they had no idea what Whitlam had done and had no idea that they served a foreign corporate entity as account holders in a military tribunal and not a common law court... Once more people understand the system, they have a better chance of defending themselves against it and even have the ability to direct them to get the fuck of our land by revoking the original license that gave them the right to be here in the first place... (But this can only be done if your legal standing is correct) The backlash against their authority has not been caused by people like you and I, it has been caused by the total ignorance and poor conduct of the people that are serving the governing administration such as police, and people holding assumed positions of authority and this statement was also stated by Magistrate Comens, as a warning to Queensland Police, that their own conduct and failure to strictly abide by the governing codes can cause such a backlash with the public, as it did!... If justice is not "seen to be done" than the public may question the system and discover that no justice exists in relation to the UNIDROIT private contracts of Rome and the public may "wake up" to the nature of the foreign corporate system... Australians and all good people of the world must be more "vigilant" in dealing with this monster of a system, it is a military system and subject to military codes...(As Rohan has warned) One can not be forced to join the military. Military personal are legally DEAD, and the dead legally have no rights, just like an "infant" has no legal rights to own land, so if you identify your political stand as "legally" an infant and DEAD, than your under the power of an alien, non common law, system that has no protection from the Constitution or Magna Carter, you are bound by Justinian's: Corpus Juris, the code (Jurisdiction) of the DEAD... so we must look at our own standing first before we attempt to deal with them... They serve the public but you are not the public if you serve the administrator by holding their accounts and LEDGERS, you are the administrator and bound by their foreign codes...´╗┐


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