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  • 2019 : ' Decree Absolute ' Demolish Family Courts Globally!
  • By Chris Le Roy
  • KICKSTARTER / Discarded Lives Feature Documentary
  • 01/01/2018 Make a Comment (8)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 28 articles in 2018 )
The dismantling of the family justice system?
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We explore how much of the male suicide rate is driven social factors around separation, divorce and alienation from one’s children.

Documentary Filmmaker Chris Le Roy explores the controversial world of divorce in the new feature film.

Last Tuesday I was part of a team that stopped a father from taking his own life. He was seriously suicidal, he decided he was going to hang himself the day before Christmas. He hadn’t seen his kids in three years. His kids had been alienated from him, by his ex-wife because she was angry he left the marriage.

The crazy part is, there are court orders in place to let him see the children, but the courts keep failing to enforce the orders.

The sad part for me, was to watch this incredibly successful man be pushed into such darkness when all he wanted to do was to see his children and be apart of their lives.

Chris Le Roy's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sittingIts a story I keep hearing time and time again. It broke my heart … using children as a weapon is never okay.
The good news is that, the team helped him to find a little piece of hope, which has helped him to be alive to this day, which I am really grateful for.

Chris Le Roy I want to tell these stories on film. My production team has launched a Kickstarter Campaign Today for the Feature Film Documentary. The money raised is to help me and my team travel around Australia to capture these stories so that we can start a dialogue in Australia on the issues with families, the family court system and child support.

Our children are our most precious resource and the reality is, they need both their parents…. if you can financially assist or if you can share this post with your friends I would be eternally grateful.

1 in 4 Men going through Divorce will contemplate suicide. That is ONE to many….

Discarded Lives exposes the flawed court and child support system that are failing families and destroying parental bonds leaving a trail of divorced and alienated fathers who are four times more likely to take their own lives.
Sir Bob Geldf had a go at posing this message 15 years ago;

The Social Issue
Men are leading the way in terms of their suicide rates. Generally, they are less likely to ‘cry for help’ and more likely to finish the job effectively. But what takes men to this dark place, wanting to end it all? We aim to talk to men who’ve been on the edge, to get their stories, so people can see that these are ordinary men caught in a web of factors that are loaded against them, which leave the helpless and hopeless, and unable to care about a future that seems utterly denuded of the things that they love.

Would You Like To Share Your Story!
Discarded Lives is looking for men who have been on the brink of suicide, but somehow managed to come back, so they are still alive to tell the tale. We are also interested in talking to some people who have survived men who completed suicide, to find out what may have been the circumstances that led to the tragedy. Faces can be blurred and voices modified as needs be to protect the privacy of respondents.

The Way ForwardImage may contain: text
What needs to be done to correct the factors that are pushing men to take their own lives at such a rate? We are aiming to interview some activists who have seen the problem close-up, and are struggling to find a way to voice their deep concerns.

Risks and challenges
One of the biggest challenges with this documentary is getting people prepared to tell their story on film, as well as legally being able to tell their story as well.

Daveyone’s Story

We have been fortunate that as we have started this process we have had a massive response and support from fathers as well as their partners willing to tell their stories.

In terms of the legal aspect, we have a legal team that is confirming the validity of all claims and they are ensuring that we are able to share the stories of the men and woman who have committed to letting us enter into their worlds.


    By:Ernst Hanisch from Western Australia , Australia on October 27, 2018 @ 1:10 pm
    Please contact me if you’d like further content for any future research into this matter, I am another victim of The Australian family court system and child support agency alienated from my children.

    In 2012 my ex wife left our marriage after 12 years, we were on razors edge for the final three years due to her infidelity. In the February of 2012 I attempted to take my life and even to this day wish I had of gone through with it, not that I have tried since.

    The years after I’ve fought to see my kids only to be shut down at every single attempt. I’ve had my life threatened with death threats & violence from her current partner, emotional and psychological abuse from her.

    She breached every single court order made throughout 2013-2014 & the Perth family court allowed this to continuously happen. She was given every available assistance whilst I was declined assistance & had to fight alone. Eventually I crashed into despair giving up in late 2014, there was no use fighting anymore only to be torn apart and watching my kids get torn through the mud, having my life threatened over & over.

    Orders were made removing me from all parental rights & yet I’m still being forced to provide financially and the system only leaves me with the bare minimum not even enough to survive. All court orders which make allowances for my children to make contact continue to be breached at the ex wife’s will!

    There is no happy ever after, no point in trying to move past this & ive given up trying five almost six years on.

    I’ve remarried & have an amazing supportive wife & step daughter, but I feel like an utter failure, treated like a criminal. The system has taken everything from me & still I’m being penalised for it all.

    This is not a life, it’s utter hell
    By:jAMES from NS, Canada on October 24, 2018 @ 9:17 pm
    The foundation of our society (justice system) is coached by a professional code of conduct that does not allow its practitioners to have regard for children. It only allows them to have regard for their clients. This fundamental behavior of the most influential family professionals must change if we are to put an end to the issues at hand including PA, sole custody, and resulting disenfranchisement of our youth today.
    Two functional parents are better than one especially after separation.
    By:Gina from Kentucky , Muhlenberg Count on June 20, 2018 @ 6:26 pm
    Muhlenberg County Civil Court Greenville Kentucky where there is no Family lCourt. And my ison has been illegally kept from me since May 207
    By:Jodi Mueller from Iowa, USA on March 29, 2018 @ 4:26 pm
    There are tens of thousands of women going through this as well and parental alienation/pathogenic parenting and parental abductions end with most of the fathers retaining sole legal after they successfully manipulated the courts and gave false allegations of abuse about the mother. So this is NOT a gender issue. The courts could care less about who never sees the child. Obama put a fatherhood initiative through so many men are gaining custody even if they had zero to do with the children for years. Not only that, we do not get visits at all. Not weekends, not every other weekend, but NEVER!! We have been suicidal, our kids have committed suicide or have been hospitalized due to the loss of their mother that raised them. This is causing division when nobody is understanding the courts are doing this for greed.
    By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on January 22, 2018 @ 10:52 pm
    Ending the Pathology of "Parental Alienation" for All Children Everywhere
    By:Damian McManus from NSW, Australia on January 10, 2018 @ 7:54 pm
    Hi there,
    Alienated for three years from two children - aged 14 and 11 despite Consent Orders.
    By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on January 3, 2018 @ 10:32 am
    3 Jan 2018: Global Citizens Arrest Day 2 End Family Court Corruptorations’ Abuse of Children/Parents
    By:David from Oregon, USA on January 2, 2018 @ 8:41 am
    Suicide is not the answer. A parental alienator would like nothing more than to never see us or deal with us again, so don't let them win! Keep breathing, because we are not just "going away". Be the man your children can look up to. Be someone they want to be around and reunite with. There is hope. There is always tomorrow. Be strong and carry on. I did. You can too.

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