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  • HEALTH does NOT come from a needle. It comes from looking after your God given immune system.
  • 21/06/2018 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Pikey ( 9 articles in 2018 )
How much faith do you place in nature/the creator/God? If you think the immune system he/she gave you isn’t good enough and that injecting man made concoctions into you and your children is better science, then what can I say? I wish you well. Just don’t try to enter my world.

To every single person: parent, student, physician,politician ,healthcare personnel, school superintendent or anyone else who thinks it is your belief that children should have all required vaccines ” because YOU Believe in the science and effectiveness of vaccines.” I would like to speak on behalf of the children of this generation. Before anyone is able to require this medical procedure that you have NEVER HAD. Anyone REQUIRING the current vaccine schedule MUST FIRST undergo this posted 18 month CDC vaccine schedule (vaccine doses increased to your weight of course as these recommendations are the same for a 5 pound baby so we will need to increase the doses by 2000% or more.) None of this should worry any pro vaccinators either. Because you BELIEVE in vaccines and the current schedule THAT YOU HAVE NEVER HAD……oh and by the way…..The vaccines will be selected from random health departments, pediatricians offices or military facilities and not a preselected saline vial AND personally administered to you by the parents of vaccine injured children. Thank you.


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