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  • Is taxation theft?
  • 20/01/2018 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 4 articles in 2018 )
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The Truth About Taxes

When she asks why taxation is theft...

Knowing Rights - Taxation

Tax Is Robbery! By Larken Rose

Taxation Is Theft. Here's why...

PDF referenced

Stefan Molyneux Taxation Is Slavery

Taxation is Theft. Here's why #2 - If You Were King by Larken Rose

Author Larken Rose demonstrates the absurdity of taxation which is institutionalised stealing using threat of force & loss of liberty.

Think about it.

Stealing by any person or group of persons is morally wrong whoever does it.

Taxation is a form of slavery & is the life blood of tyrannical, centralised, corrupt governments.

Why do we allow government to have any power that we do not have?

How can we bestow powers on a government that we do not have to give ourselves?

One day we will not allow anyone to steal the fruits of our labour.

In the UK, our people work until May 31st until they begin to earn money that is not taken back through taxation.

Even this conservative estimate is nearly half the year.

Half our lives working, not for ourselves or our families, but as slaves for criminal rent boy politicians who serve the banksters...

You couldn't make it up!?

Originally posted by Larken Rose.

No treason: the constitution of no authority lysander spooner

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