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  • Beware of making a Will with a Public/State Trustee
  • 28/12/2018 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Aiden ( 2 articles in 2018 )
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Do NOT make a WILL with public trustee & Guardians in Australia u will sign your life awayCORRUPTION [11:10]

My dad took advantage of the FREE WILL THEY OFFER. The public trustee to their discretion can may take 1 part (half) of your estate and donate it to a "LEGACY " uniting care church or will it be Gosford hospital where they Tourtièred him to death for over 100 days - removing his life saving voice prothesis he had insitu for 25 years - with no consent the first time. I took him to John hunter hospital & had it put back in. Save his life.

Gosford hospital challenged my GUARDIANSHIP and public guardian Donna Thomas was appointed and she put my dad back into Gosford hospital 5/16 to be subjected to abuse , neglect & exploration AGAIN. They insisted on doing this procedure on his 69th birthday. 12/5/16 - so I couldn't take my dad out to lunch. They failed both surgeries! 2mm is not successful Dr stewart - you left a 4mm hole in his TEP and forced him to drown to death.

Put me on visiting restrictions- pathetic attempt of black mail. Have me ARRESTED perverting the course of JUSTICE- coroner failed to do autopsy. Yet 7 reasons under the health , crimes & coroners acts his death is deemed reportable. Now the nsw trustee controls my fathers estate yet the Public guardians decisions caused his death. CONFLICT OF INTEREST- now they benefit from the proceeds of crime!


QLD Office of Public Trustee Rip Off [7:56]

A disabled man reveals a rip off by the QLD Government. He has paid over $77K to the Office of Public Trustee to lose $95K. Has this happened to you?

Do you have a will? DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE [0:43]

Here's what you need to know about leaving your will to the Public Trustee (much the same globally):
Before you leave your estate to the Public Trustee, consider the following:
• The office of the Public Trustee is a self funded organisation, i.e. funded solely from the proceeds of the estates they administer!
• Do you realise that once your estate passes to the Public Trustee, your beneficiaries are at the total mercy of these public servants who DO NOT have the same attachment to it as you or your family?
• Do you want these public servants to treat your estate in the same manner they treated my mother’s and many others’?
• Do you want to put your family through this ordeal, knowing that they’ll have nowhere to turn for help and that a big part of everything you’ve worked for so hard during your lifetime will go to total public service strangers?
• If you DON’T and have willed your estate to the Public Trustee, please see your solicitor immediately and change the executor of your will. Should you choose a solicitor, at least your family will be able to take recourse with the appropriate legal authority in case of any misconduct
• Should you be unfortunate to be already dealing with the Public Trustee in a similar manner, please feel free to turn to the below authorities
1. Your local MP – most are helpful
2. Your State Ombudsman – have limited powers to help
Phone: 1800 451 524
3. Your State Attorney General – would prefer not to be involved but is obliged to be so don’t let them brush you off
Phone: 9228 7777
4. Your State ICAC office – will be interested in documenting your dealings and will investigate corrupt conduct
Phone: 1800 463 909
5. Your State Privacy Commission
6. Your local TV and radio channels – will be interested in class action
7. Various groups fighting this organisation
8. International Court of Justice, the Hague
Should you wish to contest a will or need help with any estate matters,
I highly recommend:
Email: http//
Phone: 1800 685 422

Mira Mikulic

Why You Should Not Use The Public Trustee

A video on why you should never use the Public Trustee for a Will. We cover how a "free will" can cause major problems if a will challenge is mounted.

Manly vs the Public Trustee of QLD

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