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  • #FamilyCourt ~ What is it Good For ~Absolutely NOTHING! #EvilIndustry
  • By Susan Ghaemi
  • Family Court @EvilIndustryGlobal
  • 26/01/2018 Make a Comment (6)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 28 articles in 2018 )
We must unite and Fight Family Court Corruption 4 sake of the next generations Global Effort 2 Raise Awareness of Family Courts Corruption
This is Family Court page and it is set up to enable those affected by the #EvilIndustry of Family Court Corporations globally to post & share their stories for an International Class Legal Action against legal practitioners, report writers, judges and governments responsible for Abuse of Children & their parents,Image may contain: 1 person
Violation of Human, Children, Civil & Constitutional Rights
Blatant abuse of unchecked & legally protected powers of these courts
please visit (& like) & share your experiences of Family Courts & let other victims of Family Courts know about this page.


    By:Mick from Vic, Australia on October 22, 2019 @ 8:48 am
    Hey Pete, sorry to hear about your woes for you and your son who is caught in the middle, as our kids often are.

    If your ex's lawyer isn't arguing a lack of full disclosure existed before the BFA was signed, ie the concealment of assets/income etc, and you had separate and competent legal counsel, there should be no legal basis for it to be set aside. A BFA is essentially the law between the parties and higher than any 3rd party judge unless you both consent.

    It sounds like the lawyers are milking you both, as this is what they do best, taking advantage of our emotionally fragile states and situation, so wise to stop and save your doh, regardless of the ex blowing hers which you can't control.

    It's always tricky and heart wrenching so good luck and keep us posted.

    By:Peter Long from NSW, Australia on October 21, 2019 @ 10:40 am
    Can you help me please?

    My ex has been dragging our now 11 year old son through the courts for almost 5 years, we have had interim Orders for 50/50 coparenting in place for over 4 years but the mother is still taking the matter to trial.

    The Courts have been very tough against the mother even dismissing her application for expedition however, the mother has gotten involved with a corrupt lawyer who is bleeding her dry and damaging the financial security of our son.

    I believe that this lawyer is doing the Parenting matter for free on the basis of then trying to get our BFA set aside then doing a request for leave to action a property settlement.

    To date it has cost the mother over $70,000 and myself over $50,000 so that I can see my son who has made it perfectly clear to the ICL and shonky Report Writer who by the way has now been rejected by the court because of his pathetic report (ever heard of Dr Rikard-Bell?).

    The trial is going to cost the mother over $150,000 and cost me over $100,000 and all so that my son can have a loving and dedicated father in his life.

    The whole matter has damaged my son, cost me my career and damaged my reputation with false allegations such as I forced my ex to marry me and I forced my ex to sign a “very fair” BFA and photo shopped images of bruises on her wrists during a time I was laid up with a back injury (I have copies of the photo shopped images)

    There are no AVO’s yet the mother has admitted to assaulting me on several occasions in her Affidavits as there was CCTV in the locations. The mother fraudulently entered Australia as an alleged political refugee with her family when she was 13 and lived in a detention centre in SA. She has a juvenile criminal record for theft and only lives for money.

    I cared for her and financially supported her assisting her to buy her own apartment at Breakfast Point that I personally renovated. She had a wonderful life but hates all men and wanted a girl however, she gave birth to a boy saying that this was God punishing her for hating all men, the marriage deteriorated after the birth of our son.

    So much more I can say but the whole matter has been destructive, no complaints about the court but the mothers lawyer, the ICL and the Report Writers are milking the system and destroying families in the process, for simple matters that the court could order to be mediated
    By:Abolish the csa from Western Australia , Australia on November 2, 2018 @ 5:56 pm
    This goes deeper and beyond just the family court system & it’s corruption, the Australian federal government it’s agencies and departments that all collaborate with the family courts yet claim independence and deny affiliation, however the “independent” government appointed agencies all have their legislation written to protect, serve and empower their tunnel vision view/agenda, yet the legislation and laws of the other contradicts & in entirely immunes one from the other. While you’re bound by all orders of the family law & courts punishable by breach or purgery the departments are above and beyond those laws and there is no avenue for individuals to dispute & all investigations are done internally by the same government & agency who owns writes and enforces their own legislation. Submission is permission and refusal/rebellion futile. Are our courts really responsible for the full abuse? No the Australian federal government are! Only in the educated, developed & civilised countries has it become legal and protected by government legislation to oppress, harass & abuse the population to the point of death and serious psychological harm, this is genocide!
    By:Natasha makeham from Victoria, Australia on August 8, 2018 @ 2:55 pm
    Myself and my child are now a victim of this family law court things need to change.
    By:Neridah from Western Australia , Australia on May 12, 2018 @ 9:57 am
    My children & I are victims of this corrupt system. My ex played the system with his lies & Contempt of Court. Which he got away with the lot cause he had legal aid when he earns nearly $80,000 that year he applied. HOW? The children have disclosed abuse for many, many years to child safety & DCP. No one will listen to them & the system keeps placing them in the hands of the abuser. Something seriously needs to be done to change this system that thinks abuse to children is OK.
    By:Nazih Beydoun from Victoria, Australia on January 26, 2018 @ 11:53 pm
    Totally Agree. Its an unchecked legal system allowing judges to abuse their powers through wide discretion. There must be a royal commission to investigate this flawed system. Family courts especially the FCC are tearing families apart and the corrupt lawyers end up winning!

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