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  • Tear Down the Wall of Protection of #FamilyCourt Judge/Lawyer! Abandon Unconstitutional Gag Laws!
  • By Jack & Jill Sanders
  • Change.Org
  • 26/04/2019 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 15 articles in 2019 )
Investigate #Corruption #ChildAbuse #ParentAbuse #LegalAbuse #Fraud in #FamilyCourt NOW!

Family Courts do not protect Children.

Family Court Operatives enjoy Gag Laws claiming this unconstitutional protectionist law is in place to protect the children!!

Family Courts Operatives and Governments repeatedly claim this false statement while records show the damage Family Courts throughout the world have brought upon voiceless children and their silenced innocent parents is an unprecedented crime against humanity.

These laws only protect the Family Court Operatives and do NOTHING to protect the children. Children are protected if they are not driven to suicide by tactics of Family Courts.

Children are protected if their parents are not driven to suicide, bankruptcy, physical annihilation emotional and psychological devastation by the Family Courts. Children are protected if their parents' life savings are not transferred into accounts of Family Court Operatives.

Children are protected if they are allowed to have a relationship with their parents without being dragged into these courts year after year to finance the endemic corruption in Family Courts.

Children are protected if they are protected from abuse. Children are NOT protected by keeping the public in the dark in connection to what happens in these courts.

These Gag Laws only protect the Operatives of the Family Courts and NOT the children.

These Courts must be investigated after half a century of unchecked power and corrupt abuse of the law and power and torture and devastation of innocent children and their parents.

Those opposing the removal of the gag laws are only the Family Court Operatives and the governments and NOT the parents or the children victims of Family Courts. LET the Light in!

Break the walls of protection of Family Court Operatives.

Remove the Gag Laws. Expose Corruption in Family Courts. Sign Petition to investigate Family Courts.


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    By:Shel agh from Western Australia , Australia on July 25, 2019 @ 7:13 pm
    The department of child protection and the family court so very corrupti will never forgive or forget what these monsters have done to my precious Grandson who has always loved both mummy and daddy infact he has so much love ❤️ inside for each and everyone of us I lived with him for the first 3 years 10 months of his life till his father took him on a visit and never bought him back I look for him everywhere I go

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