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  • People can't afford to live and Bankers on $31M don't really care!
  • 30/06/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Chris_S ( 1 article in 2019 )

This is how you grill a bank CEO..!! JP Morgan's billionaire CEO - Jamie Dimon - confronted by the real-world consequences his bank's low wages on a single mother's life.

This single mother on a starting salary as a teller would be at least $567 in the red at the end of every month. US workers have been done over and Aussies are heading the same way

The elite are fleecing all of us. Aussies can show our brothers & sisters in America how things can be changed for the elite with a National Bank, a Sovereign Wealth Fund and a Citizenship Dividend.

We must Stand - Unite & Make It Right >>

Here are election candidates that want reforms to help your family and to end the coruption that is infecting big party / big money politics >>

#auspol #AusVotes19 #BankVictimsVote #SUMIR #OzElection19 #JPMorgan #JamieDimon The Guardian


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