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  • Red Alert: ScoMo Declares War On The Australian People
  • By Martin North & John Adams
  • 31/07/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: David_W ( 10 articles in 2019 )
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Red Alert: ScoMo Declares War On The Australian People (30/7/19)

We discuss the draft legislation which was released late Friday last week, and which would outlaw cash payments above $10k under the guise of tax efficiency..

But as we discussed before, the real agenda is all about negative interest rates and extreme monetary policy, as prescribed by the IMF.

This represents a significant curtailment of civil liberties, and more. We have just 2 weeks to respond.

Was this even covered in the main-stream media?

2016 - Black Economy Taskforce launched

16 December 2016 - Cash Backlash: John Adams

October 2017 - Black Economy Taskforce Final Report (Download PDF)

29 June 2018 - Cash payment limits of $5000 or $2000 proposed in black economy crackdown

5 February 2019 - IMF: Cashing In How to Make Negative Interest Rates Work

25 February 2019 - The New Global Push for Negative Nominal Interest Rates: John Adams

29 April 2019 - IMF Working Paper:Enabling Deep Negative Rates to Fight Recessions: A Guide

5 June 2019 - Hands off our bank deposits—stop ‘bail-in’!

July 2019 - Exposure draft legislation for an economy-wide cash payment limit of $10,000

26 July 2019 - Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019

31 July 2019 - Red alert: ScoMo declares war on the Australian people

Adams/North: A War On Cash Is A War On The People (16/3/19)

This is not just AUSTRALIA going cashless,the plan is for the entire world.The reason is not negative interest rates. The real hidden agenda goes much much deeper. Here is "THEIR" "NWO agenda..Look up UN AGENDA 21 and also Economic growth and sustainable development and pay particular attention to parts 56 "Globalization and interdependence" These people are not hiding from it they are actively bloody promoting it ....

Step 1 Get rid of independent manufacturing in Countries ...Tick done
step 2 Get all countries governments into over 100 percent GDP DEBT.....Tick done
step 3 Get all private individuals into unpayable debt .....Tick done
Step 4 Remove all individual countries cash TRANSACTIONS in society .......Tick done
Step 5 Collapse the international financial systems and wait for people to beg for a solution ......Tick Tick coming soon watch this space.
Step 6 Offer a solution of a one world DIGITAL cashless currency in exchange for clearing all unpayable debts in exchange for countries key assets and individuals property..... Tick TICK coming soon!
Step 7 In order to control this NEW WORLD ORDER insist that all countries form a New World Governance , COMING SOON!
Step 8 Insist that this New World Government adopt a SOCIALIST PLATFORM and a One World Armed Force
Step 9 Insist that all of the worlds people accept new laws forbidding any form of free thinking that challenges the PARRADIDIM on anything that they think is necessary including ridding the planet of all fossil fuel burning aka no petrol or diesel cars or trucks,no coal no gas burning for electricity.COMING SOON !!
In short it will be like living in Russia during the 1960's to 1980's but with no electricity or fuel. You will work till you drop for no pay but only to exist to perform the tasks that the New World Order insit you do........
SOCIALIST PARADISE ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sign the petition against the cash ban here

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