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  • United Nations slaps caveat on Warragamba Dam
  • 29/10/2019 Make a Comment
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Who owns Warragamba Dam?

Sydney Water does, but under a two-year caveat that's been placed on Warragamba Dam by the World Heritage Committee, Sydney Water won't be able to make any changes to the dam until the Federal Government submits an impact statement to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee before final decisions are made regarding Sydney Waters' plans to lift the Warragamba Dam wall, effectively placing the United Nations in control of our Water Supply.

Sydney Water in conjunction with the NSW Government had plans to raise the Warragamba Dam by 14m, costing $700 million. Its initial plan would have improved flood mitigation for low-lying areas downstream.

Those that oppose the raising of the wall, have suggested that it's only purpose is to open up new areas for housing development and that it would flood large sections of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

The World Heritage Committee has effectively circumnavigated the NSW Government, who owns the property, and asked the Federal Government to submit and EIS (Environment Impact Statement) to the committee by December 2021, for its consideration.

The irony is that the United Nations, that insists we up the intake of our immigration program, is now the same entity stifling plans that would ensure the water supply to the current residents and immigrants that will arrive here under their open borders agenda.

It's time for Australia to remove itself from the clutches of the over-reaching United Nations once and for all.

Sign the Petition to Leave the United Nations:

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