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  • Australians are facing disaster as our UN and political crisis worsens
  • 30/10/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: David_W ( 10 articles in 2019 )
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Is it not time to get rid of the UN and their agents -- our major political parties?

Is it not so blatantly obvious that our major parties, who are simply Administrators, DO NOT represent the Australian people?

Australia 'headed for disaster' as drought crisis worsens - David Flint & Alan Jones

Legal academic Professor David Flint says “we’re heading to a disaster, we’re going to be a net importer of food”, as Australia's drought crisis continues to worsen.

“What will happen to these farms, they will no doubt be bought by foreign interests, probably ultimately under the control of the Communist Party of China,” Professor Flint told Sky News host Alan Jones.

“The food will be taken, it will be delivered from Australia to China and it won’t even go through our tax system".

Professor Flint questioned the direction Australia is heading in on a variety of issues from manufacturing and mining to the nation’s drought response.

“What’s going to be left for this country? There will be nothing left”.

Farmers sue the Murray Darling Basin Authority from Kerry Brewster on Vimeo.

Nick Mundy > Scrap the plan

Destruction of family farms - Helen Dalton MP

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