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  • History of Circumcision
  • By Jason Christoff
  • 27/11/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Roland ( 1 article in 2019 )
Once you discover the lies of circumcision (a child torture PSTD mind control ritual), our social engineers just invent a new lie to fool you again for another 35 years. By the time you find out that you live on PTSD controlled human farm, you're almost dead and can't put up much of a fight anyway.

So our human farmers just make up the next lie and implant that lie-ahria into the new children through the government Prussian school system and corrupt media channels. If you're afraid of the truth or won't defend the innocent children, you already have the PTSD I'm talking about. It's that simple. PTSD weakens your morality and ethical foundation.

It's not complicated folks. When you're in're just easier to rule, control, manipulate, steal from and govern. They inflict the PTSD on the males first, as to weaken the cosmic guardians of the to leave the entire species open to subversion and capitulation. Most males who are circumcised either take shelter with the governing force (for employment) or they lay spiritually destroyed and broken down at the local coffee shop or pub. You live inside a child abuse death cult and if you can't see it, it's because you're too afraid to see it......because you think you'll be attacked. Fear and PTSD make you very compliant and very eager to sit on the side lines, allowing evil to parade up and down the street. And that's what circumcision is all about. Anyone who tells you different is a sales person for the child abuse death cult, which everyone is already sick of. See the truth anyway. Let the liars attack you. We're ready. It's time to knock the bullies down AND OUT. Save as many children as you can while you're here. Power to the people.


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