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  • Stand against Premier Daniel Andrews and the China Belt and Road plan
  • By Morgan - MCJ Media
  • 04/12/2019 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Johnno ( 6 articles in 2019 )

China's Belt and Road plan in VIC made easy and explained by independent journalist Morgan Jonas - how the Chinese Communist Party can take away your freedom and liberty in Australia.

If you think Australia is worth fighting for, please join us at the Anti-Belt and Road rally on Sunday, 15 Dec at he VIC Parliament House:


    By:Mr Denis Baulsom from VIC, Australia on December 25, 2019 @ 10:12 am
    Hi - took me a while to find you - I thought your video said MTJ media - which exists.

    I think your observation of Andrews selling Victoria to China is correct - but personally think the long-term picture is really much, much bigger.

    If you take a look at you'll see that Australia's water supply has almost been stolen for the use of major corporations - with the full knowledge of governments, no matter what side of the fence the came from

    My view is ... if you control the water ... you control the food supply. If you control the fuels ... you control the shelter and energy people need to survive.

    People's financed got taken over in 1992 with the start of compulsory superannuation.

    Soon their will be a cashless society - where people can simply be 'switched off' if they don't play ball. China's already started this.

    People's liberties are ever-more being taken over with ther dominance of location surveillance and cameras recording their ever move - and that's getting worse.

    If you control them, you control the people.

    This is probably not a local phenomenon - in fact, Australia may be just a small cog in the globalist wheel.

    Methinks it's already too late - and, sadly, no-one seems to care. Maybe they do, but they're not informed.

    Now, I've passed on the information.

    You can decide whether I'm a conpiracy theorist nutter.

    Have fun

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