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  • Reform Government and Make Judges and Lawyers Accountable
  • By Gopal Raj Kumar and John A Gentry
  • 26/12/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Billy-not-Silly ( 3 articles in 2019 )
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No matter whether it is Australia, America, United Kingdom or some other usurped and occupied nation, the principles are the same.

In Australia Petition for Change

By Gopal Raj Kumar Sign the petition here.

The worst forms of discrimination and bullying in Australia is carried out in the name of the law by unaccountable judges and the self regulated legal profession.

Judges and barristers enjoy immunity from prosecution. But they inflict unspeakable damage on their victims, children, women, men and the poor. And the consequences impact on us all as a society.

The Family Court of Australia and The Family Law Act needs to be abolished or radically overhauled. State and Federal courts, judges and the legal profession need to be held accountable for their acts and omissions in every jurisdiction.

Subjecting litigants to procedural skirmishes in court is costly, unaffordable and unjust. Stereotyping litigants is common in all our courts and results in unjust outcomes. Political correctness made into law is the cause of it.

Judicial incompetence and heavy handedness protected by the doctrine of judicial independence is no longer tenable. Judges need to be made accountable and less partisan. Only Henry VIII was as un accountable for his actions.

Self regulation for lawyers and immunity for barristers from prosecution must end. They are anachronistic and a hang over from Dickensian times.

End political correctness in our courts, make lawyers and judges accountable. Justice for all. Sign the petition here.


Fix Government By Address or Remonstrance


This is a speech i made at the Bill of Rights Banquet in Dayton, TN. A bit long but worth the listen.

No matter who we elect, corruption of our government only worsens. Only by restoring the voice and power of the people, can we hope to restore a proper government and the rights of the people.

This is a right we have that we have been deceived into forgetting. This is a right I endeavour every day to restore.

John A Gentry, CPA
Constitutional Republican, Campaigning as Independent
State Senate: Dist 18 Sumner & Trousdale Counties.

Unconstitutional Bd of Judicial Conduct - Senate Testimony (17 April 2019)


The only way to restore the intent of our founders, and the blessings of liberty and justice for all, is to restore judicial oversight, and hold them accountable to the law (constitution).

Like our 3rd Governor William Carroll, I recognize the imperative of judicial oversight as no other branch of government affects the people so directly, and now tyrannically, as our corrupted judiciary.

This video is a "collage" of some of my work, to restore justice to our courts.

Please join me and lend your support of this most worthy of causes.

John A Gentry, CPA
Constitutional Republican, Campaigning as Independent
State Senate: District 18 Sumner & Trousdale Counties.

Announcement of Petition of Remonstrance in TN House of Representatives (18 January 2019)

This is the first ever Petition of Remonstrance filed with the Tennessee General Assembly. The right to petition redress grievance by address of remonstrance is guaranteed U.S. Const. Art I, and Tenn. Const. Art. I, Section 23


One would think these legal scholars would be knowledgeable in constitutional law but they fail constitutional law test…, and they fail miserably.

Since I have made them aware of their legal blunder and bungling of constitutional law, and thus far, they refuse to correct the situation, I can only conclude their conduct is an unlawful usurpation of power, and an intentional alteration of our fundamental form of government. This is the “Deep State” exposed to the light of day and for all eyes to see.

Altering our fundamental form of government is a declared act of tyranny as stated in our Declaration of Independence; “For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.”

They are unfit for office, and I have demanded their impeachments.

Tenn. Const., Art II, § 2 states; “No person or persons belonging to one of these departments shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others, ...”

Tenn. Const., Art II, § 26 states; “No judge of any court of law or equity, secretary of state, attorney general, …, shall have a seat in the General Assembly.”

Tenn. Const., Art V, § 1 states: “The House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment.”

Tenn. Const., Art VI, § 6 states; “Judges and attorneys for the state may be removed from office by a concurrent vote of both Houses of the General Assembly, …”

Tenn. Const., Art VI, § 7 states; “The judges of the Supreme or Inferior Courts, ... shall not … hold any other office of trust or profit under this state or the United States.”

The Tennessee Constitution is clear! One need not be a legal scholar to understand this plain language. No person(s) of one branch of government, shall exercise power belonging to another branch. No judge or attorney general shall have a seat in the General Assembly. No judge shall be allowed to hold any other office of trust or profit under this state. Oversight of the judiciary, and the legislative power to impeach or remove judges is a legislative power.

The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct (BOJC) is an unconstitutional agency with judges holding prohibited second offices of trust, and exercising legislative power in violation of the separation of powers doctrine.

The Tennessee Code Commission (TCC) is an unconstitutional agency with our Chief Justice holding a prohibited second office of trust, in violation of the separation of powers doctrine, and with the Chief Justice and Attorney General holding defacto prohibited seats in the General Assembly.

What is an office of trust?

Office: A position of duty, trust, or authority, esp. one conferred by a governmental authority for a public purpose. Blacks Law Dictionary, Tenth Edition

“The Incompatibility Clause (prohibited 2nd offices of trust) seeks to prevent corruption by ensuring that “the mere acceptance of an office, as a bribe, effectually destroys the end for which it was offered” Elliot’s Debates at 475-76 James Wilson, Penn. Ratifying Convention Dec. 4, 1787

“The Incompatibility Clause was motivated by worries about British-style corruption. The Framers did not perceive it as having much to do with the separation of powers ...” Steven G. Calabresi & Joan L. Larsen, One Person, One Office: Separation of Powers or Personnel?, 79 Cornell L. Rev. 1045, 1077 (1994)

Office of Trust: An office whose duties and functions require the exercise of discretion, judgment, experience and skill is an office of trust, and it is not necessary that the officer should have the handling of public money or property, or the care and oversight of some pecuniary interest of the government. A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF PUBLIC OFFICES AND OFFICERS § 16 (1890).

Clearly the TBJC and Tenn. Code Comm. are offices of trust and our constitution prohibits judges from holding these second offices.

Why are these prohibited offices of trust a problem?

Since its unconstitutional creation in 1971, the TBJC has never once recommended removal or impeachment of any judge. During one of my senate testimonies, it was admitted by Senator Roberts, that we have a problem with corrupt judges. I stated plainly during testimony, the members of the TBJC are “criminals protecting criminals”. Not only is the TBJC an unconstitutional agency, they have been grossly negligent in performance of duty.

The Tenn. Code Comm. includes the Chief Justice and Attorney General as members (TCA §1-1-101). The Tenn. Code Comm is authorized to compile, edit, and annotate Tenn. Code – our statutes and laws (TCA §1-1-105(a)).

The Tenn. Code Comm.; “may prepare and submit … its recommendations for the revision in substance and form or the repeal or amendment of certain statutes or any portion thereof, and submit bills for the accomplishment of such proposed revision, repeal or amendment.” (TCA §1-1-114)

Wait a minute! What? The Code Comm. may submit recommendations for revision in substance and form or repeal or amendment of statutes and submit bills for that purpose? Really?

Can you imagine the outrage if Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court of the United States submitted recommendation to the U.S. Congress to revise the substance and form of federal statutes in a bill?

Our Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court, and our Attorney General have no business whatsoever having that kind of authority. The Code Comm. are de facto legislative seats prohibited to them. That authority is in clear violation of the separation of powers doctrine as well as a prohibited second office of trust. If nothing else, this agency is against the intent of what the framers of our constitution wrote into our state constitution.

Here is a little more common sense for you.

Annotating the code, is adding court opinion to what the law means, in the eyes of the court. If the Tenn. Chief Justice and Attorney General are compiling, editing, annotating, and perhaps proposing change to substance and form of our statutes and laws, how possibly can they render objective opinion on the constitutionality of statutes and laws? They cannot. As members of the Tenn. Code Commission, the Chief Justice and Attorney General have rendered themselves incapable of performing a basic function of their office and they are no longer fit to serve.

I stated all of this in my Petition of Remonstrance, filed in, and entered into the journals of both houses. Director of Legislation, Holt Whitt, confided to me that members of the House also do not approve of Tenn. Code Commission – but not for reasons I stated.

The Tennessee Code Commission and Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct are unconstitutional agencies. They are the heart of the Deep State. They must be abolished, and a proper form of government reinstated.

As state senator, when elected, I will endeavor with all of my being to restore the protections and provisions provided for in our state constitution. I ask you to stand with me in this most worthy of causes.

John A Gentry, CPA
Candidate State Senate, District 18 -Sumner County, Trousdale County, and Davidson County east of state hwy 45 (Old Hickory Blvd).


The Tennessee judiciary and state government keeps its people ignorant of their rights for the purpose of violating rights with impunity. This must stop.

In every single civil case (divorce, child custody, etc.), the Tennessee judiciary does not provide due process. This denial of due process, is a violation of a fundamental and constitutionally protected right, and that violation occurs every day, in every case across the state.

The argument proving this assertion is simple common sense.

In the case Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court held that a person’s right of due process is violated, if not advised of their right, and warned of the consequences of waving their right.

As a result of the Miranda opinion, when police arrest a person, the suspect is “mirandized”. They are informed and advised that they “have a right to remain silent”. They are also warned; “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Only in knowing what due process is can one be provided due process as held by our highest court. In divorce cases, child or elderly custody cases, civil rights cases, and all other civil cases, neither plaintiff nor defendant is advised of their rights or warned of the consequences of waving those rights - and therefore, they are denied right of due process.

I demand that this rights violation cease immediately.

In petition of remonstrance to both the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives, I have demanded the simple, and no cost reform, that both plaintiff and defendant, in civil and criminal cases, be advised of their right of due process, by signing a piece of paper acknowledging understanding of what a right of due process includes.

This reform only costs a single sheet of paper, and can be easily implemented. This simple reform can make a huge difference in restoring the blessings of justice for all. Thus far, my demand for this simple no cost reform has fallen on deaf ears.

The only possible reason the Tennessee judiciary and government can have for keeping people ignorant of their rights, is so the state judiciary can violate those rights without question or complaint!

If you don’t want someone to know their rights, you must want to be able to violate those rights.

It’s a good first step at reform that costs nothing but a piece of paper. Each element of due process, I have listed below is supported by U.S. Sup. Ct. opinion and the state constitution. Each element included below is essential to due process, if you have questions about these elements, please ask in comment to the post.

In an effort to begin to heal our state of corrupted court proceedings, I want every litigant, plaintiff and defendant, civil and criminal cases to be handed a piece of paper as follows;


Tenn. Const. Art. I, § 17: That all courts shall be open; and every man, for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial, or delay.

Due course of law means you have a right of DUE PROCESS. Essential elements of DUE PROCESS as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States or provided for in our constitution include the following:

• You have a right to be heard;
• You have a right to present evidence according to the rules of evidence;
• You have a right to present your evidence orally;
• You have a right to present argument orally;
• You have a right to confront adverse witness testimony of ANY person(s) face to face;
• You have an inviolate right to trial by jury in both civil and criminal cases;
• You have a right to a fair and impartial court (judge);
• You have a right to record proceedings with audio/visual equipment if not provided by the court.

If in your own opinion, and at any time, if you feel you are being deprived a fair and impartial court (JUDGE), you have a right to stop proceedings and STAY ALL ORDERS, and DEMAND TRIAL BY JURY;

It is a federal crime to violate constitutionally protected rights under 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

If you have evidence beyond doubt that a member of the judiciary has violated any of elements of due process, you have a right to Petition of Remonstrance to seek impeachment of any judge to be filed with the Clerk’s Office of the House of Representatives.

Do you understand these rights? If you understand your rights presented above, acknowledged so by your signature.

Litigant Name Printed: _________________
Litigant Signature: _________________
Witness Name Printed: _________________
Witness Signature: _________________



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