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On 29 January 2002 a father was imprisoned by a Family Court judge without valid reason or evidence to do so.

The father has requested a Reason of Judgment from Family Court judge Justice Carter who ordered the arrest warrant, however to date no reason has been given.

This judge is well known for her prejudices against men.

On 25 September 2002 the father will appear before this very same judge in seeking a Final Hearing date to canvass urgent children's issues, especially in relation to his son.

This child is being abused!

He has been placed in locks, in a psych ward and is being held prisoner by the mother.

He has not attended 1 day of school all year and has been refused contact with his sister and father by the Family Court for 9 months.

The father strongly believes the Family Court will again, appear on the surface to be co-operative but underneath, never give the father a hearing date, as has been the case with other men.

On 20 November 2002, notwithstanding a plethera of evidence showing further abuse of this 12 yo boy and the fact he has now runaway for the 5th time from the mother's care, the Family Court again imprisons the father for again protecting and shielding his son from this abuse.

Why is the Family Court not protecting this child but instead protecting the mother and her partner?

Is it because the mother's partner is a Manager of Human Services and has an uncle who is a Family Court judge?

Why is there a bar on this boys file preventing DHS offices from accessing this file unless authorised by the Director of Human Services?

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