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  • Lesbian Mother Kills 2 yo
  • By Tanya Giles and Patrick O'Neil
  • Herald Sun
  • 03/08/2002 Make a Comment
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Patrick - the Family Court's story about this boy's death
Battle for boy ends in double tragedy

Tragic end to tangle over baby
A TODDLER has been found dead only months after a bitter court battle between a lesbian couple and his gay father over visiting rights.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of "Patrick" and his birth mother, aged in her 40s, in the Fairfield home they shared with her partner.

The tragedy comes after Patrick's father, described in court as an intelligent, sensitive and patient parent, won the right in April to visit his son fortnightly and also on Father's Day.

The lesbian mother and her partner took the issue to court when they applied to cancel a previous access agreement with the father.

A Family Court was told the father was seriously committed to fathering his son with the couple and had not donated sperm to the birth mother lightly.

Lawyer for the father John Udorovic, QC, last night told of the father's devastation.

"It is the most horrific, tragic news. It is just awful, just awful. For any experience of human beings you can think of... it's just awful. I've got tears welling up in my eyes," said Mr Udorovic, his voice choking.

"A female was found deceased in the rear yard in an apparent suicide. (Police) entered the house and found the body of a two-year-old male in bed," Sen-Det. Keith Jordan said.

Neighbours said the two women who lived at the house with the boy largely kept to themselves.

"I never noticed anything suspicious, but a couple of months ago I remember that one of the women was in the front yard crying and screaming," one female neighbour said.

Herald Sun - Page 012

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