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  • Blackshirts - An open letter to the neighbourhood
  • By Blackshirts
  • 18/05/2002 Make a Comment (1)
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Dear Neighbour

We are here to peacefully demonstrate our concern regarding marriage, family and just as important - how our children are being treated.

In this neighbourhood there is one person that especially concerns us and that person has divorced her husband - denied her children of their family but even more tragic, she has corrupted her children by exposing them to homosexuality.

This 'would be' mother has not only placed her own children in a corrupted marriage and a corrupted family but it appears that she has also thrust her own children into a world of sub-culture namely homosexuality.

It may be said that what consenting adults do with their private lives is not a concern of society. However, it can never be said that our children should ever be exposed in any way or form to homosexuality.

The person in question ignores the fact that her children on more than one occasion, have run away from home. From our understanding, all this 'would be' mother does to alleviate her alleged guilt is to blame the father who then has to face the family court once again to prove his innocence from the charge of 'abducting his own children'.

It gets worse. It is alleged that the mother's so called 'lesbian lover' is a family member of a member of parliament and a family court judge. And so the plot thickens.

It is our understanding that the children in question are now so frightened of the prospects that their father may end up in jail, that they now live in a world of fear and corruption.

This is what our society has allowed to happen and the above is not an isolated case. In evidence we submit that over 60% of Australian children now live in corrupted families and corrupted homes while their so called parents live in a world of wife swapping which they call divorce with many of their children ending up in the clutches of homosexuals.

How long will this go on for? Well, that remains to be seen. The only answer is for the Australian people to unite and put this tragedy to an abrupt end and do what should have been done in the first place. Protect marriage and treat it the way it should have been in the first place. After all, how do you protect family if you do not protect marriage and how do you protect children if you do not protect the family?

Join us and give these 'would be' parents a clear message - enough is enough.

Should you wish to know more or wish to join us write to The Blackshirts PO Box 249 Brunswick 3056.

A Family Breakdown Industry Failing Families

    By:John Abbott from Queensland, Australia on September 13, 2015 @ 8:59 am
    I am John Abbott and the so called mother is a lesbian who often left the door open while she engaged in all sorts of lewd conduct with the lesbian mate and almost as often, the young boy witnessed his mother in that lesbian relationship and lewd conduct.
    It does get worse. The lesbian mother desired to have lesbian partners come to the home and the father would get in the way - the rest you can work out for yourself. Also imagine the Family Court and its conduct before the Blackshirts hammered it and the Howard Government amended the Family Law act to include fathers as parents as opposed to walking wallets.
    I for one care on how children are treated and in this case, I and the Blackshirts did our bit - where were you and where are you now?

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